Omega, one of my favorite watch companies, has paired with my favorite James Bond film to release a one-of-a-kind timepiece commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Goldfinger. The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Goldfinger Watch would make the villian himself envious with its 38.5 mm case is wrapped in a 18k gold and matching bracelet. The hands are 18k yellow gold and are accompanied by a special counterweight bearing the 007 logo. The rotor and bridge are, you guessed it, 18k gold as well along with the oscillating weight and gold ring on the case back reading: GOLDFINGER, 50TH ANNIVERSARY. The watch recently sold at auction for $115,000, so sadly, I won’t be getting my hands on this exquisite timepiece, but that won’t stop me from quoting the movie. “Do you exshpect me to talk?” “No, Mister Bond… I expect you to die!” Also this movie had, in my opinon, the best opening James Bond song ever.


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KJP Captain Belts


Once again Dandy favorite Kiel James Patrick starts by enticing his Instagram followers with sneak peaks of new creations hidden either in plain site or within his wardrobe pics. For his latest endeavor he ventures back into familiar territory with an updated, manlier version of his Starboard belts. Dubbed “The Captain Collection”, each belt features a prominent anchor belt buckle paired with pebbled leather in emerald green, navy or tan colorways. Made in the USA, these belts can easily be worn either dressed up or down and are sure to make a fine addition to your Fall wardrobe.





Salvedge Denim is a new Kickstarter project that designs stylish wallets and tech accessories for the modern adventurer. The startup focuses on 3 things: stylish designs, functional details, and sustainability.

Tired of products in the marketplace that were poorly made, mass produced and with little or no interest in helping the environment, David Chan set out to create a line that not only enhanced your lifestyle, but also benefited the environment. Everything is made to the strictest global standards of eco-friendly production; from their pesticide-free denim to zip holes made of cork. The 12 oz. denim used will age beautifully the more you use it but if it eventually wears out, Salvedge Denim also offers a buy back program. Just fill out their free shipping label to send your product back and it will find new life in bedding for pets, mops and insulation so they never end up in a landfill. With over 13,000,000 tons of textile waste ending up in a landfill each year, anything we can do to reduce that number helps.

The collection includes a Folio Case ($125), Zip Wallet ($55) and Fold Wallet ($45), all which look incredible. For the denim fans out there, these are the products for you. Check out their Kickstarter page to learn more and for a limited time be part of their early bird special  and get the Fold Wallet of for only $35 (limit of 30).



I’ve been putting off speaking about this trend for quite some time, but I fear it can no longer be ignored. Sweatpants, or “Joggers” as they’re also being called perhaps to justify a higher price point, are currently available in practically every store these days. Initially the trend was written off as fluke for those looking to capitalize on the ever-growing trend of “dressing down” at work, but once slimmer cuts and more high-end materials started being used, the game done changed.

The whole Sweat/Jogger phenomenon was really started by sneaker heads who wanted to show off their shoes. People started tight rolling their jeans again but this lead to the denim bleeding onto the shoes. The elastic cuffs of training pants like the ones Nike produces were a great alternative, and soon companies began following suit with higher-end materials like twill, leather and other luxurious fabrics.

I resisted getting a pair as long as possible, but with Dandy Jr. at home I found myself needing a slimmer cut sweatpant. With all the running and crawling we were doing, the standard issue baggy college sweats just weren’t cutting it. Once I saw J.Crew was on board with a slimmer sweat, I had to at least try them. Naturally I was hooked. They were as comfortable as everyone says and it felt kind of bad-ass wearing $70 sweatpants. Now, let’s be clear. Buffalo Dandy does not endorse wearing sweat pants in the office. Joggers, which can be comprised of denim, twills, etc I think are ok, but it doesn’t really work with a shirt and tie. That being said, fellow blogger Jace Lipstein shows how it can work and look pretty good when paired with a blazer and the perfect shoes. Check out his look below from a recent article in HighSnobiety with Jace showing off his very own Citizen Cotton x Grungy Gentleman sweatpants. The key, he states, to pulling off the look is mixing the high and low; thus the blazer with the sweats. It goes without saying that a certain amount of sprezzatura is necessary to pull it off correctly, but I can’t help but be reminded of this quote from Seinfeld.


However, as we are prone to say here at Buffalo Dandy: Wear what you dig. So perhaps you think you want to give this sweatpants thing a try either just for at home, out on the town or if you have an uber lax dress code at work. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite styles at varying price points for you to get your comfort on. Until they make a pair of Harris Tweed joggers, for now we’ll be sticking with regular pants in the office.

 H&M $30 | Abercrombie $40 | J.Crew $70 | Todd Snyder $118 | Nike $100 | Citizen Cotton x Grungy Gentleman $265 | Band of Outsiders $595 | Thom Brown $380

Mr. Nice Tie


It’s been quite a while since we featured some new Bow Ties for Bow Tie Friday, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find a nicer selection that the ones from NBA star Chris Bosh’s latest line of ties humorously called Mr. Nice Tie. Partnering with Armstrong & Wilson, Bosh’s collection looks very dandy indeed. Subtle, classic fabrics with just the right hint of colors. Perfect for Fall, I also love the signature button on the back of the ties. While they may be bit pricier than your average ties, for true fans of Bosh and fine craftsmanship, the price may very well be justified. Comprised of 5 neck ties and 5 bow ties, you can shop the entire collection here.





With today’s weather starting in the 50’s and ending near the 80’s, dressing in layers is crucial this time of year. After seeing those custom Adirondack kicks from The ADK Outlet, I’ve been obsessed with how great navy Chucks look. Naturally, I had to pick up a pair and they have since become my new everyday shoe. Adding to them is a fresh pair of khakis which are shorter than I usually buy, but show off the ankle nicely, so they serve as the perfect transition after wearing shorts almost every day during Summer.

ADK Outlet


After an epic day on the lake this past weekend, the wife, some friends and I headed into Lake Placid to do a little Adirondack-style shopping. One of the shops we happened upon was the ADK Outlet. With a collection of vintage hockey jerseys and rustic, shawl collared sweaters in the window, how could we resist?

The entire store is set up like a Ralph Lauren/Apres Ski still-life with a mixture of vintage collegiate and Adirondack-inspired displays with various nooks and crannies begging to be explored. In the center of the store is a large collection of collegiate-style patches in every possible size which play smartly to the town’s rich history of being home to the 1980s Championship hockey match between the US and Russia. You are encouraged to sift through the patches, find you favorite one (or several) and then pair it with the garment of your choice and it’s placement. It’s then applied right there in the store for you while you wait. You aren’t just limited to apparel, either. You can pick up a pair of Chuck Taylor “inspired” sneakers which can be customized however you like. After seeing one of their ADK high tops, my eyes lit up and my mouth started salivating. I wanted…no NEEDED everything in this store!

Tom Dalton, the owner, prides himself on using the highest quality materials available. He’s been working in the apparel business for over 30 years so he has a great relationship with not only fashion companies, but also the factories they work with. Thus he is able to produce his products to the same standards as places like Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie or Converse. This means the items you see in his store are of a much higher caliber than those you find in your average tourist shop. But the store is just as much for locals as it is for tourists. Those wanting a vintage-looking hockey jersey will find something, as well as those running the Iron Man race or college alumns looking to show some alma mater pride.

Tom also told me they are currently working on a website that will have their garments online and a selection of patches to apply wherever you like. Once it goes live, rest assured we will let you know. Their Facebook page is also, unfortunately, severely lacking so this is a place you will have to visit and see in person. However, this isn’t such a bad thing. With Fall coming up, it’s a perfect time to visit Lake Placid. Another aspect about the store which should seal the deal is how incredibly affordable everything is! With pretty much everything marked down, many of the items are high-end brand name blanks that have been “refurbished” and marked way down to the $70-$40 range. Whether shopping for yourself or for someone else, you will walk out of the ADK Outlet with a completely custom piece that you won’t find anywhere else.

ADK Outlet
2472 Main Street
Lake Placid, NY 12946

ADKOutlet ADKOutlet2 ADKOutlet3 ADKOutlet4 ADKOutlet5 ADKOutlet6


If you’ve been following Buffalo Dandy on Instagram, you know I’m quite fond of posting photos of drinks and pairing them with my favorite records. I thought it would be handy to start cataloging these photos, so I started the hashtag #VinylLibations to keep track of them all. For our first monthly recap we had some real gems on the turntable with new/old school classics and few curveballs thrown in for good measure. Click the links to listen each album and enjoy.

Human Sexual Response “Fig 15” + Victory Brewing Summer Love 

For Men Only + Kilchoman

Purple Rain Soundtrack + Dogfish Head 60 Min IPA

Iron Maiden “Somewhere In Time” + Trooper Ale

Al Green Greatest Hits + Southern Tier 2xIPA

Metallica Kill ‘Em All + Heady Topper -

Happy Labor Day


Hope everyone had a very Dandy Labor Day Weekend! The Wife and I had a splendid time in the Mighty Adirondacks and were sure to pack only the bare essentials for our trip. Have you picked up your own Buffalo Dandy Hat yet? Take it from me, it compliments ever outfit perfectly!


It’s been feeling pretty brisk outside these past few mornings, which I’m sort of loving because it means I can finally start justifying buying some clothes for Fall. The overall color scheme that I’ve been seeing a lot of is navy and rich browns, so I”ve comprised a couple of my favorite pieces that I hope to add to my closet this season.

Hugo Boss ‘Marick’ Sport CoatYou can buy the coat online, but it’s also available at Napoli’s Per La Moda in Williamsville. I highly recommend checking this coat out in person because it’s absolutely spectacular. So much in fact that the price is almost justified to me. $445

J.Crew Cotton Cashmere Shawl Collar Sweater – Few things evoke Fall better in my mind that the shawl collar sweater. The perfect companion to late night fires or sipping your morning coffee out of an enamel mug. $78

Emerson James Inc Custom Axes - If you’re going to be sitting by the fire, you’ll need something to chop all that wood up with. Luckily local favorite Bureau has just started selling these custom made axes by Emerson James Inc. $TBA

UNIQLO Selvedge Denim - Once Fall arrives you’ll need some heavier duty denim. Purists prefer selvedge denim but that usually is accompanied with a larger price tags and an extended breaking in period. Prices have been lowering, thankfully, but we haven’t seen anyone come close to matching UNIQLO’s pricing for their pre-broken-in selvedge denim for an incredible fifty bucks. $50

Twillory Gingham Shirt – Founded in 1892, Twillory knows a thing or two about shirt making. With a tailored cut, cutaway collar and Egyptian/Sea Island cotton which grants an exquisite hand-feel, this may become one of your new favorite shirts. $80

Kiel James Patrick ‘Daniel Boone’ Bracelet – KJP has a bunch of stellar new bracelets coming out, but I keep coming back to this one called “Daniel Boone”. The mixture of the cotton and leather roping along with the perfect color combo makes this a favorite for Fall. $58

Vineyard Vines Fish Hook Belt – Just in case you need to catch some dinner to cook over that roaring fire you’ve been working on, this simple fish hook belt from Vineyard Vines is the perfect thing to keep your pants up in the off chance you’re suffering from anchor overload. $98

Jack Purcell x Horween Chromexcel Leather Shoes – These Jack Purcell Chromexcel kicks are straight FIRE. The more you wear them in, the better they will look. $110

OMEGA Brown Speedmaster Moonwatch Pro – Another item that sold out rather quickly was this limited edition OMEGA Moonwatch with the brown dial and leather strap. Don’t worry, you can still purchase the brown dial with a metal band, but I’m always a sucker for leather and if you look around the inter webs you can still find a few for sale. $4,000


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