Project Pieta


Project Pieta is a fashion label born in the prisons of Lima, Latin America. Using only natural, ecological and recycled materials, the collection is entirely produced by inmates in the prison workshops. The project allows inmates to independently generate income, develop their skills allowing for a faster rehabilitation and also shortens their sentence: each day of work decreases the prisoners sentence by a full day. Each piece is numbered and signed by the craftsman who made it.

The collection is a mixture of work and street wear, with most of the items looking like something out of HBA catalog. While that particular look is not my taste, the stuff all looks so good I almost wishes it were just so I could wear it. This denim shirt and wool cardigan however, I can definitely get behind. I love clothing with an interesting story and it doesn’t get more badass than wearing something that 1.was made by an inmate and 2.does some good in the process. The whole collection not only looks fantastic, it’s also fairly affordable compared to some of these other street wear brands with a similar look. Naturally, it should go without saying that you’re required listen to Johnny Cash while wearing said garments…


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Apologies for the delay of this month’s Vinyl Libations Recap, but I’m pretty sure October’s compilation was well worth the wait. Not only where there some stellar new beers to try, I was also lucky enough to find some vinyl gold after a few fortuitous trips to Record Theatre.

Herbie Mann – Push Push + Southern Tier Pumking

Tom Waits – Nighthawks at the Diner + J.Lohr Cabernet

Frankie Carle – 30 Hits of the Tuneful 20s + Labatt Bourbon Barrel Ale

The Rolling Stones – Hot Rocks 1 + Shipyard Pumpkinhead

Roy Orbison – All Time Greatest Hits + O Mission Lager

Sun Ra – Visits Planet Earth + OFW This Is Not A Pale Ale

The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers + Kilchoman 2011

Xanadu Soundtrack + Magic Hat #9

Rocky Horror Picture Show + Elysian Space Dust IPA

Blue Oyster Cult – Some Enchanted Evening + Poison Cabernet

Masayoshi Takanaka – Rainbow Gobilins Story + OFW This Is Not A Pale Ale

The Buffalo Club


I had the rare pleasure of visiting The Buffalo Club this past evening while attending Napoli’s Concierge Launch Event. The exclusive club, established in 1867, is a beautiful testament to the rich history of Buffalo; completely decked out in dark mahogany, brass and gorgeous ornate carpeting. The whole place was rather quiet, with just a few families dining in the great halls surrounded by empty tables which where immaculately set while children sat slumped in their chairs looking bored to be there. A few men in the Members Only Lounge chatted quietly (most likely congratulating each other on being masters of the universe) and the only real audible sounds came from the chiming of the grandfather clock which echoed throughout the club.  It was so incredibly peaceful and beautiful that I never wanted to leave. One of my favorite things about the club is the strict dress code. No jeans are allowed at the Buffalo Club, with gentlemen expected to wear a jacket and tie in specific areas. This is something you really don’t see except for in clubs like this and I truly wish more places adopted this “old fashioned” idea of dressing up when you go somewhere. Naturally I couldn’t help but snap a few photos while I was there and dream of the day I get my invitation to join this exclusive establishment.

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Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. Detroit-based watchmaker Shinola has just released their first titanium timepiece dubbed The Black Blizzard. Inspired by the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and the homesteaders who weathered the storm, The Black Blizzard wristwatch is an emblem of the American spirit—a willingness and determination to overcome adversity. Featuring the turnable topping bezel that Shinola has been using on most of their new watches (and subsequently makes me like them even more) the watch comes with both a titanium bracelet and rubber sport strap as well as a collector’s book about the Dust Bowl. Shinola’s most complicated timepiece to date, with each new watch seems to come an even higher price point. This, unfortunately, remains one of the only reasons I haven’t purchasing one yet. Damn if these watches aren’t sharp looking, though. The Black Blizzard is available in both 42 and 48mm.


Newsletter-black-blizzard-2014-v1_19 Newsletter-black-blizzard-2014-v1_16


Buffalo Dandy has mentioned EastDane.com a few times in the past. The site offers a thoughtful, straightforward approach to men’s fashion with everything from renowned heritage brands to future up-and-comers. The site also offers a vast selection of home/office goods, books and accessories. For this week only Buffalo Dandy is proud to offer a $100 Online Gift Card to 2 lucky readers! Simply go to EastDane.com, pick your favorite item on the site and leave it in the comments section below to enter. Boom. Done. While the site offers several high-end options that may cost more than $100, every little bit helps. Plus the vast selection of accessories, men’s shoes and plenty of items from their 50% Off Mens section should make spending that $100 pretty easy. To make getting that gift card in your pocket even easier still, we’ve compiled some of our favorite options from the site below that are all around the $100-$200 range. Trust me, this is one contest you won’t want to pass up.

NativeYouth Parka | Penfield Collegiate Sweatshirt | Gant Rugger Flannel Shirt | Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Sweatshirt | Gant Rugger Slub Button Down | A.P.C New Standard Indego Jeans | Herschel Supply Co Little America Backpack | Daniel Wellington Bristol Watch | Baxter of California Pocket CombJ.W Holme Leather Key Fob | East Dane Shaving Kit | Maison Kitsune Corduroy Cap | Drakes Striped Tie | CAMO Milan Tie | Giles and Brothers Railroad Spike Cuff | Eastland 1955 Edition Sherman Boots | Converse Jack Purcell Leather Sneakers

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“Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?”

This Dandy Halloween Costume should be a no brainer for fans of the classic film American Psycho. A simple pinstripe suit paired with a banker shirt (blue shirt/white collar), power tie, clear raincoat, an axe and most importanty the business cards (that’s bone) and you’ll be getting that reservation at Dorsia in no time. Extra points if you can not only score a walkman, but also the Huey Lewis and The News album FORE! on tape. Also the clear raincoat is pretty easy to find online for cheap, so feel free to spray that bad boy full of all the (preferably fake) blood you want. Just be sure to lay out some copies of the Style Section on the floor before you do… HEY PAUL!!!

Ralph Lauren Pinstripe Suit $1,295 (Or try Burlington Coat Factory for $150) | Brooks Brothers Banker Shirt $92 | The Tie Bar Paisley Tie $15 | Tommy Hilfiger Suspenders $30 | Clear Rain Coat $12 | Sony Walkman $10 | Best Made Co American Felling Axe $162 | Heuy Lewis and The News FORE! $6



As the saying goes: “Dress like JFK, Speak like Hemingway, work like Ralph Lauren and Party Like Gatsby”. While many of us may not have the gift of prose that Hemingway had, this new digital typewriter from Hemingwrite will at least help you look the part.

Inspired by the typewriters of old but updated with today’s technology, the Hemingwrite features a 6+ week battery life, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities that sync to your favorite cloud apps like Evernote and Google Docs and has a high contrast backlit E Ink screen that can be used inside or out, day or night. Looking to do for writing what Kindle did for reading, the Hemingwrite is a great product for those looking to unplug and write in a distraction-free environment. From the durable die-cast aluminum case, to the retro keyboard switches which offer the same tactile feedback of 90′s typewriters, the hipsters in Brooklyn are about to loose their damn minds over this thing. I have a feeling if Urban Outfitters starts selling these they wouldn’t be able to keep them on the shelf.

No word yet on pricing, but you can stay updated by checking out their website at Hemingwrite.com.



Another Dandy Halloween Costume idea that doesn’t require a sacrifice of style are these awesome looking paper masks by Wintercroft. Although a bit more time consuming and requiring a bit of patience, the pay off will certainly be huge with these eye-catching masks. Encouraging a more environmentally-friendly Halloween, no shipping or materials are wasted in their creation. Simply download the pdf, print it out on card stock paper and starting cutting and scoring the pieces together to create your very own pixelated visage. There are numerous styles to choose from, although the skull seems to be everyone’s favorite. Pair it with either a costume or your favorite outfit and you’ll be set for Halloween. Even better, after Halloween you can simply recycle the mask instead of spending $30 on rubber one and having it end up in a landfill somewhere.



Rue La La has recently launched an expansive guide to Men’s Denim on their blog chock full of useful tidbits about different washes, fits and outfit ideas. Personally, I obsess over finding not only the perfect fit when it comes to denim, but also the perfect wash. While I would recommend some alternate brands to highlight such as APC, Levis, Fidelity and RPM West, the article is still worth a read. With men paying more and more attention to fit and washes of their jeans, a guide like this can be invaluable. Check out the full article here.



The Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls have officially opened the doors to their new expanded wing and we’re pretty excited about some of the new stores they’ve added! If you needed further incentive, most if not all of their stores are having huge sales for the soft opening with a Grand Opening happening November 6th. Below are the top 5 New Stores* which easily justify a visit to Niagara Falls.

Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th
The first store you’ll notice upon entering is the revamped Saks Off 5th location. With a more open format, the store is much more spacious with a hugely expanded shoe department and is much easier to navigate without all the bobbing and weaving you had to do in the old store just to get in the mall. My only compliant is that the environment is a little too stark, with hardly any resemblance to the actual department store. Still, there is some great stuff to be found if you don’t mind searching through the racks.


Clarks Outlet
Several great new shoe stores have opened up (including a Sperry Top Sider store which pales to it’s Galleria Mall location) but the Clarks store has some fantastic shoes in pretty much every style/color you could want. I’ve always been partial to the Bass store at the Outlets, but right away I found 4 or 5 shoes that I had to have.. Looks like Bass may have some competition with this store.


Perry Ellis / Kenneth Cole
This is actually a tie between Perry Ellis and Kenneth Cole because the stores are pretty similar in what they offer, with Kenneth Cole have more casual stuff and Perry Ellis being more business focused. Still, both stores have some great looking stuff that are certainly worth a visit if you’re looking for a new suit, dress shirt, jacket or accessories.


This store is an easy favorite of mine. Renown for their everlasting (and expensive) jackets, the Barbour Outlet Store offers a glimpse into the lifestyle brand I never knew existed within the company. For how expensive their jackets are, I found everything in the store pretty affordable from fantastic fair isle sweaters, bags, accessories and of course, various styles of jackets. If you’re looking for their signature model at a reduced price, you’re going to be disappointed, but they have so much other fantastic styles to choose from that I didn’t even mind. 

NewNiagaraFallsOutlet_BarbourNewNiagaraFallsOutlet_Barbour1 NewNiagaraFallsOutlet_Barbour2 NewNiagaraFallsOutlet_Barbour3 NewNiagaraFallsOutlet_Barbour4

This last one doesn’t really count because the store isn’t open yet, but after a quick goggle search and just by looking at some of their other locations, this store could be great. Only time will tell…


*Brooks Brothers is being included as part of the “new” store openings but since they’ve been in their new location for quite some time I didn’t count them. Personally I preferred the look of the old store, but they still have a lot of great stuff and are worth a visit. Plus with the closing of their Eastern Hills location, this is now the only Brooks Brothers in town. Luckily they’ve been carrying a lot more of their Red Fleece Collection, so the styles and fits have a much more modern look to them. Just saying…


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