If you’re looking for the perfect polo for Spring, I would highly recommend checking out the Michael Bastian Polos by UNIQLO. Keeping with Bastian’s classic preppy aesthetic, the polos come in a variety of necklines from button-downs to open collared v’s. They are cut slim with a great sleeve height so you can show off those guns you’ve been working on all Winter. With various color options in solids, stripes and repeating patterns, the best part about these polos is UNIQLO’s fantastic price point. At only $22 a piece, you can fill your closet with these bad boys and be set all Summer. During my recent trip to NYC, I picked up a few and will defiantly be purchasing more online as they’ve quickly become my favorite shirts. Check out the exclusive video about the collection below.




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In another one of their great videos, HODINKEE takes us the through the history of one of the holy grails of watch collecting: the Rolex “Paul Newman” Daytona. The video explores the six different reference numbers and provides some interesting facts about the history of the watch. In the accompanying article which can be read here, HODINKEE delves even deeper into the watch providing everything you need to know about one of the most covered timepieces in history.


The Drop Catch is a smart way to keep from finding bottle caps all over your place after a party. Just mount it on your wall and when you use it to pop open a bottle the embedded magnet catches it. Not only will it catch the one you just popped off, but it will catch and hold over 50 more. Available in either “Wheat” or “Porter,” the Drop Catch is the perfect addition to any kitchen or home bar area. If you want to up the awesomeness factor a bit, opt for the the “Reclaimed” option which is made from used Quartersawn White Oak Bourbon Barrels. 


The Boat Hat


If you’re looking for something to wear during your sailing lessons, I would highly recommend checking out The Boat Hat. With it’s exclusive patented back design which utilizes brass grommets, sea worthy shock chord and a trusty overhand knot, it’s the hand-painted canvas patches which truly sets these hats apart. Several one-of-a-kind designs are available, including a basic model with a woven patch for only $35. Each hat is made in the U.S by Knickerboker Mfg Co.

$35 / $135



I’m sure you’ve noticed things have gotten bit more casual lately here at Buffalo Dandy. Party because this weather just seems to have everyone down, but also because I’ve been battling the flu for the past several weeks (hence my lack of posts). Still, when going casual you can easily dress up your look with the great sport coat like this thrifted Harris Tweed one from last year, or dare I say, try going with a classic sporty look by adding a vintage baseball cap. These New Era Heritage Series Caps have become a great alternative to your standard baseball cap, especially if you’re going for a more old school look. Pair it with some chinos and a cardigan to prep the look just enough to elevate you out of Normcore status and you’re good to go. At least with this cap I can say the D stands for Dandy, right?

Cap-New Era Cap | Jacket-Stanley Blacker (Thrifted) | Cardigan-J.Crew Factory | Popover-J.Crew | Chinos-Abercrombie | Belt-ASOS | Gloves-Orvis | Shoes-New England Outerwear Co.


Pay homage to the  holy grail of #menswear literature with Hillflint’s Class of 1968 Sweater. Inspired by the iconic photography of Teruyoshi Hayashida in ‘Take Ivy’, this Australian merino wool varsity sweater is a one-of-a-kind authorized reproduction of the class sweater worn by Dartmouth ’68 Ed Heald in the book. Weighing in at nearly 1.5 lbs, the sweater has that classic bulk to it and will certainly receive a few nods of approval by upperclassmen and fellow preppy enthusiasts. As an added bonus, the sweater also includes of copy of Take Ivy just in case you didn’t already own it.



[photos by Katie Ambrose]

One of my favorite weekend activities is heading out to Antique World in Clarence and sifting through the treasure trove of vintage goodness. Last Fall and the family and I took a trip out there to do a photoshoot with Visit Buffalo Niagara and I finally got my hands on some of the photos from that day. Easily two of my favorite shots are the ones below when we found this incredible Buffalo Sabres hockey game and showing Dandy Jr. how awesome the toys were back in my day.

AntiqueWorld2 AntiqueWorld


Every Dandy’s favorite time of year is the annual Buffalo Tweed Ride! Each year the BLRC Tweed Ride is met with the same vivacious revelry from those brave souls willing to endure the elements and show off their tweediest outfits. The weather is looking to be slightly warmer than last year (which is great) I only hope the flu that’s been plaguing me the last few weeks finally clears up by then so I can participate. At the very least the BD family will be there taking photos before the ride commences. This is definitely one of those events in Buffalo that shouldn’t be missed. Hope to see everyone there!

[via Facebook]
Time once again to push forward our clocks and make way for Spring. In celebration of the coming season we invite all to gather for our notable fifth annual BLRC Tweed Ride. As is our custom we shall commence from our fair waterfront park at the Naval Park at noon on the first Sunday of Spring. An easy pace will take us along bike paths to Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park. Once there we will continue our frivolous tradition of selecting whom among us is best outfitted for the ride. We shall award the wittiest, prettiest and one we love most with a fair portion of Limburger Cheese for their efforts. Afterwards we invite all to the Essex St. Pub so we may properly toast the season, each other and the fine activity of cycling in our beloved town. We hope to see many familiar and new friends excited for Spring after this chilly Buffalo winter.

As always we recommend that each participant follow all cycling rules and safety suggestions. We each shall be responsible for our own equipment and well being. Please extend this invitation to all your friends. Cannot see you soon enough!


Goddammit Apple is falling behind… With the slew of new innovations that Android has brought to the market, whatever “new” products Apple comes up with I feel will have a difficult time against Googles latest release of wearable smart devices: Android Wear. Far better looking and not nearly as pretentious as the Google Glass, this new collection of smartwatches boasts simple, intuitive graphics and user friendly functionality. No word yet on cost, but for those with an affinity towards timepieces, this could be a fine addition to the collection. Check out some of the watches functions as well as the developer preview below.

Drakes Polo Shirt


Whether it’s for St. Patrick’s Day or to just get in the mood for Spring, this Drakes Polo Shirt just shot to the top of my want list. Made of the highest quality Italian cotton pique, the soft roll of the collar and additional sleeve buttons allows this shirt to pair surprising well with a sport coat. Several colors are available, but I think green might be my go-to.



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