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The Sterling Renaissance Festival is yet another Summer family tradition that the wife and I truly enjoy. To say that we are beyond excited for this weekend’s Highlander Theme is an understatement. The weekend is mostly filled with stumbling around the woods in merriment, consuming copious amounts of grog (or The Queen’s Car bomb- a delightful invention which combines Yuengling beer and a shot of Honey Mead), partaking in gentlemanly displays of skill like jousting, bow and arrowing, and axe throwing in the hopes of winning a Fertility Medallion; a wooden circle with a red dot in the middle, tied to a rope. Stupid, I know, but you HAVE to win one. Another favorite attraction is the sword-swallowing antics of Johnny Fox (Johnny, don’t do it!), artisan markets, armor and sword makers, jousting competitions right out of Medieval Times, the ladies getting their chest painted (nice) and of course gnawing on chunks of turkey leg while enjoying the company of your merry brethren in the great outdoors.

Everyone who works there is in full-on Renaissance mode, speaking The Kings English, sporting bustiers and costumes of every kind from that era. It is truly is a geeks paradise, and some people get really into, spending tons of money on costumes (when you could just rent one there), but after seeing what The Maestro had made, I decided that I was going to put a little extra effort into the costume this year. So I dusted off the Ye-Olde Sewing Machine and banged out this little number, complete with hand-made leather pouch, or Sporran.

We even camp! Albeit with a giant airmattress and a tent that could legally be a house, but still.  Then more drinking, bonfires, bbq’s and hoping your “friend” doesn’t accidentally light your tent on fire.

More photos from this weekend are sure to come. If you happen to be around the Syracuse area, or anywhere in the general vicinity, it is absolutely worth the drive and a great, great time.

“Unite the Clans!”


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