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Mellowing out this Monday morning with the beautiful sounds of 2Cellos debut album. Covering various rock songs, Cello prodigies Luka Sulic and Stjephan Hauser have already already gained YouTube fame with their covers of Welcome to the Jungle and Smooth Criminal. In their debut album, they continue to impress with unexpected covers from Coldplay, U2, Nine Inch Nails and Nirvana.

I’ve always loved the sound of cellos. They have such a soothing/haunting sound to them, and when they kick into rock mode with bands like Rasputina, it just brings them to such another level. I remember the first time I saw Rasputina in Burlington, and my mind nearly exploded as I watch these two lovely ladies dressed as some kind of Victorian/Amish/Native American mishmash put distortion on their cellos and rock out to tunes like Barracuda, Fire & Ice and Bad Moon Rising. It was both incredible and life changing as it opened me up to a new kind of music I never knew existed.

2Cellos performs a similar feet of listening bliss, sans vocals or any other instruments. They play with, literally, just two cellos. Check out some of their performances on YouTube, or give the album a listen to on Spotify or iTunes.


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Brown vs. Cognac

With brown quickly becoming the hot color this Fall, I figured now was a good time to finally invest in a nice pair of brogue wingtips. I’ve wanted a pair for a while, but have always had a hard time justifying paying $120+ for this particular style. Thankfully Aldo just released a pair for $100 that have a slightly more streamlined shaped to them, not as bulky or rounded as Brogues tend to be. The problem of course is which color to get: Brown or Cognac?

There are times when I miss wearing only black shoes. One of the most difficult issues I’ve had with transferring over to the world of colored shoes is that there are so many subtle variations. With black shoes, there was one color. Black. As in “how much more black can this be, and the answer is… none. None more black”. [Spinal Tap] And the decision was simple. With brown, there seems to be an infinite number of variations, and I’ve been having a hard time finding just the right color.

I would most likely be wearing these shoes with my navy suit, in which case the cognac color would be an obvious choice. The dark brown never really looks quite right with navy in my opinion. However, with the changing of the seasons, I’ve been leaning towards going with a slightly darker color to wear with my day to day wardrobe. Shoes like this probably shouldn’t be worn everyday and I would like them to last at least a little while. Perhaps I’ll just add another shoe to the mix with a pair of dark chukkas or something, and stick to wearing black shoes with the navy suit. I just want that perfect color of cognac shoes SO bad.


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