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Photo By John Aquino

After recent news of dropping the “Polo” from their name, menswear giant Ralph Lauren continues to grow in both sales and distinction. Yet another brand acknowledging the Dandy Renaissance occurring worldwide, Ralph Lauren’s latest Spring line for Purple Label is targeted towards who? You guessed it.

[Via WWD]
Lauren said the spring collection is “much more adventurous” and targeted to the “dandy guy. It’s for the young guy who wants the ultimate in quality fashion.” Described as “a little retro but not old-fashioned,” the sophisticated offering harkened back to “The Great Gatsby” with its bold pattern-on-pattern suits with slim lapels, double-breasted vests and trim silhouettes. The neckwear, which sported bold patterns, was juxtaposed with small-collared dress shirts. In addition to a black-and-white story, there was a navy grouping, as well as one focused on browns and creams, much of it shown monochromatically. “It’s a different way to wear a suit for spring,” Lauren said. “It’s bold yet minimal.”

Now, I’m not going to say that I said awhile ago that The Great Gatsby is one of the driving influences behind this years menswear trends, but I’m pretty sure I acknowledged it in this post that continues to get hits everyday… just saying.

Ralph, if you’re in need of a Dandy on your staff from Buffalo, you have my number.


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Thanks to Mr. Meadows for this link.

As the wife can attest to, I have a somewhat severe obsession with t-shirts. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since I’ve worn them, a stack of tees exists within closets, trunks and dressers all around our house. Try as I might to rid myself of some, others always pop up to take their place.

Dimitri Pailhe and Julien Potart explore this shared obsession in their new documentary T-Shirt Stories. With interviews by Dov Charney (American Apparel CEO), Tony Alva, Pedro Winter (Daft Punk & Justice Manager) and more, this fast-paced, graphically modern 1 hour doc takes a closer look into the world the T-Shirt.

The DVD is available for purchase here.

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