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The New York Times has a great article out today that’s been making the rounds about the style blog Street Etiquette which has become “one of the foremost online repositories of black style.” Checking out their site for the first time, I have to say, principals Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi’s praise is well deserved.

“As opposed to the fascistically frozen street-style snaps of The Sartorialist and others, these pictures are styled and plotted fictions but also affecting ones, depicting a pair of young black men taking ownership not just of the body and what goes on it, but also of the environment it moves in. No one ever smiles on Street Etiquette: there’s business to attend to.

Featuring some great photos by blogger favorite F.E. Castleberry from their series Black Ivy, the article is a great read and is accompanied by a stunning slideshow highlighting the work of Street Etiquette as well as retailers Brooklyn Circus and Sir & Madame whom are all leading the way in Dandifying a new generation.

Keep up the great work, gentleman.


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