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Welp, the Dandy Bow Tie collection just increased by a few with these absolutely perfect bow ties from Buffalo & Company. Featuring vintage drawings of Buffalo on sky blue, fire red and grass green 100% woven silk, if ever there was an official bow tie sponsored by Buffalo Dandy, this would have to be it.

[Via Buffalo & Co.]
There is nothing more classic than the bow tie. There is nothing more rugged than a buffalo. We believe the blend of the two is quite possibly the finest display of a “rugged gentleman.”

Based out of Colorado Springs, Buffalo & Co. pays tribute to a time when men were men with familiar icons of manliness like Ernest Hemingway, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Regan (really?) by combining the timeless, classic styles of menswear with the rugged lifestyle of an outdoors-man. Almost like some sort of Rugged Dandy if you will.

The site also features an array of rugged gentlemanly items like cufflinks, leather belts, shoes, polos, pipes and handsomely distressed bags.

More looks of the bow ties below.


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