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Took a trip out to Chez Ann Salon this weekend to meet with Master Stylist and fellow Dandy, Brendan Hudson as he explains upcoming hairstyle trends for Fall. We also checked out Chez Ann’s new Barber Shop to meet with Dan Conaway who shows us the art of the straight razor shave in our first ever online episode of Buffalo Dandy.


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AF Soldier Bands

Took a trip out to the Lancaster Village Market this weekend and was expecting just to get some fresh produce. Instead, I discovered Armed Forces Soldier Bands a local company started in 2008 that creates an array of survival bracelets, key chains, lanyards and watches out of Para-Cord, the same material used in parachutes.

Each piece is handmade by retired US Military Veterans and because of the materials versatility and durability, these bracelets are highly popular among military members in harsh environments. These types of bracelets have since gained popularity in the States with outdoor enthusiasts, since they can be unravel into a 9 ft cord that can support up to 300 lb in case of an emergency. Not to worry though. Each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee and if you ever do break it, they replace it for free.

With over 50 colors to choose from, the color combinations are limitless; offering options for your favorite sports teams, service campaigns, school colors, or whatever other color combinations you can come up with.

Pre-made as well as custom orders are available for purchase on their website.


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