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Best. Wife. Ever.

This. This is why I love my wife.

The Wife recently told me that she had bought me a Christmas gift, which I thought was kind of strange since it was August, but none the less awesome because I love presents. Today I came home and she said she couldn’t wait to give me my present so close my eyes and open my hands. She places a bottle of Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Scotch, first given to me by my Dandy-in-Law as an introductory bottle into the world of scotch drinking. She then told me to close my eyes again and presented me with the perfect thing to cool my scotch: Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Ice Cubes. Say whaaaaaaaaaat?!

She is not only thoughtful, selfless and amazing, she is also brilliant. Bloody brilliant. And that is why I married her. Oh, and she’s hot. A very enthusiastic thank you thank you thank to the love of my life. Thanks babe. I love you.



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That being said, check out Esquire’s Blogger Showdown between The Trad author John Tinseth and All Plaidout‘s Max Wastler as they discuss which white items (if any) can be carried over the colder months.

Esquire also wrote a similar article last year with tips to pulling off the White After Labor Day look, so long as you follow a few simple guidelines…

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GQ Project Upgrade

Preparing for an upcoming piece I’m working on, I came across this great interactive article on
Part of their Project Upgrade series, GQ selected 6 college students with big career aspirations and decked them out in Falls latest fashions.

I picked out some of my favorite looks below, which definitely gave me some ideas and filled me with hopes of wearing my white jeans just a little bit longer after Labor Day.


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