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Got a little Dandy today for our Niagara Wine Tour in honor of Bow Tie Friday. Matching Brooks Brothers Bow Tie, Pocket Square and imitation KJP Bracelet. Pow!


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Nike MAG Sneakers

Not really a sneaker guy, but this has certainly got me pretty excited. Nike released this teaser yesterday and today it’s official. Get ready to “see some serious shit…”

Introducing the Nike MAG, or better known as the sneakers from Back to the Future Part 2. While it’s not 2015 yet, and the shoes sadly don’t lace themselves (apparently they will) they still feature glowing LEDs and the light up NIKE logo on the strap which all glow for about 5 hours a charge. All this after fans started a grass roots petition to get the shoes made several years ago and then noticed Nike registered a patent for the power laces back in 2009.

Starting last night at 8:30 PM, 150 pairs will be being auctioned off on eBay everyday for 10 days (1500 pairs total) with all proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

This shoes are pretty amazing, and the quick look on the bidding page shows the shoes currently going for upwards to $5,000 which is a little pricey, but considering you get to own a piece of history, look at it more as an investment. Besides, you already traveled back with that sports almanac, just place a couple of bets and you should be fine.

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