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The main event of Buffalo Fashion Week was Saturday, and the Dandy’s were out in full force to celebrate the world of fashion. After checking out the some 40 vendors that were present at the show, we filled our glasses and headed to the runway.

[Photos by LouE. Photo]

First up of House of Versatile Styles who’s work was somewhat overshadowed by the use of metallic lipstick that it seemed most people couldn’t stop looking at. I’m always for a more minimalistic style when doing runway makeup, just because I want to put as much emphasis on the clothes as possible. Still, I thought designer Bukola Are’s stuff was a great start to the show.

Local designer Jimmy Lee of Jimmy Lee Designs was up next and was easily a crowd favorite. I had the good fortune of speaking with him a little bit after the show and a nicer guy you will not meet. His work has a great organic flow to it and it wasn’t until halfway through his show that I noticed his models weren’t wearing any shoes which I thought was a nice touch.

After a brief intermission and posing for some red carpet photos, we headed back inside the see the rest of the show.

Vitamin Water, which was a sponsor of the event, also showcased a competition where up-and-coming designers had to re-interpret one of their drink flavors as an outfit. These two pieces were among the most well constructed, just stunning pieces of the entire show I thought.

Zita Pop was up next whose designer hails from Transylvania (cool!) and her work definitely had some of that old world feel to it but with just the right amount of Euro-Punk/Pop to make the collection fun to watch. She was also one of the few designers that didn’t just rely on fabric, but actually printed on her work. This must have been terrifying after spending so much time making something and hoping to God that you don’t screw up the print.

After that it was time for another intermission where we got to chat with some fellow Buffalo Dandy’s who were in attendance and checked out what they wore to Fashion Week.

Next was Solome Katongole, who also made use of the bright colors, bold patterns and had a stellar mix of African Style with a western influence. I thought the tops were very well done, and her color combinations and jewelry additions from Tamora Lee really helped make a cohesive collection .

Lawrence Pizzi rounded out the finale of Fashion Week with his collection of HOLY CRAP, MALE MODELS! Sorry, was just so shocked and stoked to see menswear at the show. Pizzi’s work has shown in NYC, Paris and Milan, and was one of the more prestigious designers at Fashion Week. Entitled “One Woman, One World” Pizzi’s work certainly had a progressive high fashion feel to it especially with the addition to menswear to which Pizzi said was “for ladies since that’s the best accessory you can have on your arm.”

I thought this was a great finale to the show and I must tip my hat to the organizers of this event. It was a fantastic night and was a nice pat on the back for Buffalo making its mark in the world of fashion. Maybe next year Buffalo Dandy will make an appearance on the runway. Who knows.

Check out LouE. Photo‘s website for more great photos of the show, and also‘s slideshow of the event.


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