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Headed to Rehoboth Beach

The wife, puppy and I are headed to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware for the weekend to visit some family. It’s a great beach community, and hopefully I’ll be able to snap some Delaware street style shots on the Boardwalk which is rated by Readers Digest as the “Best in America”.

Hopefully we’ll get to swing by the Dogfish Head Headquarters as well which is located right on the main strip.

Not time to put the boat shoes away just yet!


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Tonight was an interesting one… The wife was out for the evening so I found myself watching the cult classic The Warriors. Afterwards, I put on my latest copy of the Great Gatsby soundtrack while sipping an incredibly awful beer from Stewarts in Albany called Mountain Brew Beer Ice. Available for purchase at a whopping $3.00 a six pack, I picked some up as a souvenir during our visit last weekend. It’s basically a repackaged version of Genny Cream Ale and I was too lazy to go out and buy more beer.

Not the Dandiest of evenings by any means, but still a good time.

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