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Park & Bond has provided the hands down best “How To” guide for tying a bow tie. So good I just had to share…

How to Tie a Bow Tie

The definitive guide to that most essential gentlemanly skill—whether you’re mastering it for the first time or the fifteenth.


By Monica Khemsurov , Illustrations by Jameson Simpson

We know what you might be thinking: Another guide to how to tie a bow tie? Aren’t there enough of those online already? There are indeed quite a few out there, but good luck finding one that actually helps you, you know, learn how to tie a bow tie.

Which is unfortunate, because tying a bow tie is the kind of skill that when you need, you really need. You’re running late, your girlfriend is yelling at you to hurry up, and you’re looking for smart, useful advice, not some guy in a clown suit trying to go viral on YouTube. Enter Park & Bond, and the single most effective guide to how to tie a bow tie in the history of the Internet. Ever.

What makes it so good? Three things: Clear instruction, great illustrations, and—best of all—a PDF specifically designed to be printed and taped to your mirror. Yep, we even reversed the illustrations.

Time to tie one on.



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