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Starting the week off with some Dogfish Head Punkin Ale and MARILYN, an album by 20th Century Fox Records from 1963.

We’ve already discussed how great the Punkin Ale is, although there is a slight spaghetti sauce on the “back end of the nose” (as Mr. Burns would say) after sitting in the fridge with the remnants of the wife’s Italian Party last weekend with her co-workers.

This Marilyn album, however, is a pretty interesting find. Part narrative about the life and times of Marilyn Monroe, part soundtrack highlights from her many films, the album features songs from There’s No Business Like Show Business, River of No Return, and Gentleman Prefer Blondes. I just wish the “ready to frame” picture of Marilyn was still inside the album. Guess that’s why it was a steal at the record shop.

[From the album]
Roll all the Cinderella stories into one. Summon all the copywriter’s extravagant superlatives. Take the drama and pathos from the greatest novels. Stand her beside the loveliest beauties of all time. Do all these things and they won’t compare with that Hollywood phenomenon, MARILYN MONROE, whose sudden fame and frenetic following never has been or will be equaled in or out of motion pictures. 


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Christ this looks dangerous/awesome. Showing the only logical way for a Buffalo Dandy to travel (on a Buffalo, of course) this hilarious YouTube series chronicles the adventures of Guy On A Buffalo using footage from the 1978 movie Buffalo Rider.

My new mission is of course to find and purchase this cinema masterpiece, or just watch it online for free here.

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The Pefect Gingham

Ginghama cotton fabric, usually woven of two colored yarns in a checked or striped design

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with J Crew over the years. I’ve always loved the look of their stuff, but the fit always a little too boxy for me. After my recent trip to the outlet in Delaware, I’ve discovered my new favorite Gingham shirt in J Crews Haberdashery Collection.

Available only in their factory outlet locations and online store, these Gingham shirts have a much more tailored fit to them and are made of 80’s 2-PLY Cotton which has a finer weave and a not-so-cottony a look to it (if that makes sense). With a spread collar which is quickly becoming my preferred style and and nice sleeve and body length, the shirt won’t pop out when tucked (a common problem when buying a smaller fitted shirt). The tailored fit of the small is just perfect. Snug in all the right places like the arms and the side, but not too tight and perfectly comfortable to wear all day long.

The best part with these shirts is the factory pricing, on sale now for just $40-$45. After seeing a lot of Gingham’s all over the style blogs recently, you can afford to pick up a few to insert into your Fall wardrobe.

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