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In anticipation for Buffalo’s Annual Tweed Ride, I present the following:

It appears that Ralph Lauren has caught wind of this growing Dandy activity and has decided to host this years Tweed Run in NYC on October 15, starting in the West Village and ending in Brooklyn. To commemorate the ride, Rugby asked England’s longest established bicycle manufactured Pashley Cycles to custom design 50 limited-edition hand built bicycles. The event will raise funds for World Bicycle Relief “whose mission is to provide access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles.”

Social media specialist Steven Rojas makes an appearance in the above video to talk about the art of “TWEEDING”, what it takes to be style blogger, and riding a bicycle in the big city.

Also check out Rugby’s site for a Dandy collection of limited edition items for both gentlemen and ladies to get you ready for the big ride as well as other features including Mustache Essentials, A Modern Ladies Guide to Cycling, and Proper Tea Etiquette. Highlights from the collection include Tweed Cycling Caps, Herringbone Jackets, Mustache Cufflinks, Slippers, Flasks and more…


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