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OK, you’ve mastered tying your bow tie, well done. But are you Dandy enough to rock the Ascot?

Thankfully, Put This On has provided this fantastic vintage find on the art of tying various styles of Ascot. (Always been a Parisian fan, myself)

“Here’s a great new way to tie one on – with the Carre European Ascot Scarf – a silky fashion accessory that ties and knots in diverse ways. The effect? An unlimited scope of sportswear accents, ranging from the classic elegance of the English ascot to the casual insouciance of the French knot. A gamut of individual fashion expressions, decided and defined by your own imagination and a deft flick of your fingers. In a word – elegant. Casual, yet correct. To be worn with a sport shirt, a Leisure Suit or a sport jacket. Masculine flair in pure luxury.”



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I FINALLY made it over O’Connell’s on Main St. in Buffalo last night and literally felt like I died and went to heaven. Family owned and operated since 1959, it is an old school Haberdashery like nothing I’ve ever seen.

The first thing you notice when you walk in is its old world charm, from the cherry wood furniture, antique figurines, and even a fireplace. Second is the inventory. They have literally EVERYTHING. Sweaters, suits, shirts, ties, socks, undergarments, hats, belts, wallets, shoes, sport jackets, bags, combs, shaving kits, more sweaters, more suits… Every twist and turn through the store you find another product display hidden behind something else. You can see by the photo below they just got their Winter inventory in. So they have plenty of Shetland wool sweaters in every color you can imagine.

For as much product they’ve managed to cram into the store, everything is surprisingly organized. It’s like a scavenger hunt going through the store, and I felt bad that I only had an hour or so before they closed for the night. But a second visit will defintely be in the near future if only to sift through their bow tie drawers some more… Literally, there were drawers of bow ties. I managed to find a Buffalo Lighthouse one by Vineyards Vines, and while it may be just slightly out of season, still glad I got one.

The store does run a little pricey, but the level of quality justifies the price, and a lot of their stock is vintage and hard to find anywhere else. So again, you might pay a little bit more, but you’re supporting the local community and buying things that can’t just be found in a mall. It was great meeting some of the staff there and I hope to become a regular at this store which has hands down become one of my new favorite shopping locations.

Check out The New York Times article on O’Connell’s from 2010 here.

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