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[via Gear Patrol]

I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of Chukka boots for the coming winter. Made popular by the British during World War II, they’re durable, have a higher ankle rise than regular shoes, and just have a nicer look that just your average boot. I think I may have found a pair with just the right amount of Dandy in these Cole Haan Air Colton Chukka’s.

Leather lined with a stacked heal and available in several colors (love these ones), the boots also have concealed NIKE AIR technology, so you know they’re comfortable and ready for all day use.



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Dandy Duel

Naturally, a gentleman would never enter into a duel unless his honour or that of his lady love were threatened. And if a duel was absolutely necessary, the ideal gentlemanly way to do so would be the ever popular Pistols at Dawn.

However, I doubt few duels were as funny as the one below.

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Now this is a skate video!

Decked out in some poppin’ socks and the designer stylings of Dior, Dolce, Armani and Varvatos, skater Kilian Martin shows off some old school moves to the sounds of Ricky Nelson.


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