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I came across Rose Callahan’s site The Dandy Portraits yesterday and was so completely blown away, I just had to share some of her work for Bow Tie Friday. Following “the lives of exquisite gentleman today” this has become one of my new favorite sites for discovering a whole new world of Dandy. Via her site:

The Dandy Portraits began in early 2008 as I started to meet gentlemen who had exceptional personal style. Their “extreme elegance” seemed to be the present day expression of The Dandy. Dandyism has been a passionately debated topic since it’s beginning in late 18th century England and France. Today, the question, “What is a dandy?” has no simple answer, and I do not claim to have the last word. Rather, this is a very personal exploration of dandyism – in it’s “infinite variety” – thru the gentlemen I have had the pleasure of meeting. With each new portrait comes more curiosity, and the realization that a true dandy is a rare thing indeed.

A rare thing, indeed! The Dandy Portraits tumblr page also has an infinite amount of Dandy jems worth a look through on a lazy afternoon (which just happens to be every afternoon for a Dandy). Keep up the great work, Rose!


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