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Mr. Pentheros was kind enough to break down exactly what one should wear whilst attending Man’s Night this Saturday. Using what I read, I pieced together a Manly/Dandy outfit to enjoy the festivities.

At Man’s Night, dressing properly is a must. It is both an indoor and outdoor event which constantly has you shifting back and forth between climates. November weather can be iffy but typically, Man’s Night temperatures can range from 40 – 60 degrees. Layers are the most efficient way to go — remove a layer inside the Man’s Night headquarters whilst loading up on stuffed, bacon-wrapped poblanos — add a layer for an exit to relieve thyself after consuming the tasty, local, craft brew.

Mud, rubble and overgrown grass surround Man’s Night headquarters, so a pair of rugged boots are most certainly the best choice for footwear.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is the donning of weaponry. All men love weapons and it is not up for discussion what the coolest weapon of all time is — the sword. In all its forms and types through the centuries of civilization, man’s crowning achievement, both in use and in sheer beauty, is assuredly the sword. From William Wallace’s “Claymore” to Luke Skywalker’s “Lightsaber,” swords are the coolest, most manly weapon there is. Thusly, all those that attend Man’s Night are strongly encouraged to wear their most prized weapon. Every different type of blade is welcome.

In short, don layers, boots and swords.

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