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It’s that time of the year again when family’s get together, give thanks and consume mass amounts of food. The Dandy Family is headed to Albany this year to visit my folks and I am beyond excited to see everyone. However, with a long weekend comes the peril of packing, and between the wife and I, the amount of luggage we bring rival that of Princess Vespa. I did manage to put together a nice little holiday outfit, complete with some things I have, some I wish I had. The key for dressing for Thanksgiving I think is dressing up ever so much, but with comfort being of the upmost importance. That’s why I went with the cords and an easily adjustable KJP belt. Just a little dressy, but comfortable enough in case you eat too much and need to loosen your belt. The most important items by far however are my L.L. Bean Flannel Lined Slippers. If the house were to burn down, these would be on the list of things to make sure I save along with the wife, the dog, the TV, and the cat. There is plenty of layering because you never really know what the weather will be like in November, but the more drink/eat, the warmer you get, so layers for me is a must. Finish the whole outfit off with this incredible blazer by Michael Bastian and you are set to be the Dandiest at the dinner table this year.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone.

GANT by Michael Bastian Prince of Wales Blazer | J. Crew Vintage Cord | Old Navy Cardigan | Polo Ralph Lauren Twill Plaid Shirt | Buffalo Dandy Wool Bow Tie | Bresciani Argyle Socks from O’Connell’s | KJP Croffix Sailing Belt | L.L.Bean Flannel Lined Slippers | Tag Heuer “Aquaracer”


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