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There are certain accessories that every Dandy should have in his possession. I’m starting this series off with something that is quite crucial in the recent weather we’ve had in Buffalo. The Umbrella.

As with all accessories, the umbrella comes in various shapes, sizes, colors, etc. The one that I happen to own is this rather ingenious option from ThinkGeek, The Samurai Sword Umbrella ($30). Complete with an adjustable shoulder strap to make you feel like you’re really carrying around a samurai sword, the umbrella is incredibly well made and very sturdy. A smaller, compact version is also available if you don’t enjoy getting strange looks from people but still want to feel like a ninja in the rain.

Now, understandably this umbrella isn’t overly Dandy, in which case I would recommend getting your standard wooden handle variety, in either black or some type of plaid. These fit nicely on top of your briefcase or laptop bag and can also double as a walking cane. Or, if you happen upon an unruly vagabond in the street, it can also be used as a weapon in the gentlemanly art of self defense, Bartitsu.


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