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Wrapping presents with the wife whilst listening to some holiday gems purchased at Record Theatre this evening: Merry Christmas by Jackie Gleason and Christmas Dance Party with Jan Garber.

Jackie Gleason’s album first off has a great cover. Secondly, the song selections are in the classic orchestral styling that I love about Jackie Gleason’s albums. It’s almost like you’re listening to a Christmas soundtrack from a romantic movie from the 50’s.

The Christmas Dance Party album is just plain fun. Full of wonderful jazzy tunes with an older 20’s and 30’s sound to them, the wife commented that she felt like she was in The Shining. A rather disturbing observation, but musically, it was pretty spot on. The songs have an elegant feel to them and it was too bad we didn’t have this for our party this past weekend. Good thing there is always next year.

Another fine selection from Southern Tier Brewery, the Old Man Winter Ale has a nice smooth flavor to it, but also rather heavy like most Winter Ales. I needed a break from the IPA’s, and while this isn’t overly thirst quenching, it’s still delightful.


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Jeni from Glorious Morning was gracious enough to do a guest post of her own for Buffalo Dandy on What to Buy the Lady in Your Life this holiday season. She has compiled a fantastic list with a great range of price points with gifts that are appropriate regardless of how long you’ve been together. If you’ve been leaving off shopping till the last minute (of course you have), not to worry. Jeni has you covered. Get those credit cards out gentleman, and consider your holiday shopping done.

1. Cashmere Hat Set- The elegance of Cashmere is tough to beat.  This set in particular, with its understated grace will never go out of style.  Perfect for a woman you might not yet know too well, or act as a great addition to a more personalized gift. $61.00

2. Monogrammed Onesie Pj’s-  Temperatures are only going to get colder as we head in to the depths of winter. I love personalized gear, and since pencils with my name on them won’t do the trick this time around, I say go for the ever famous L.L. Bean Onsie. $55.00 + $6 monogram fee

3. Peacoat-  Although temps are often drastically cold this time of year, there is no need to forego style.  If you choose the right coat, it wont have to hide your lady’s style, it can emphasize it!  I love this coat in particular because it highlights a woman’s figure by nipping in at the waste.  The longer length with a slight flare- will eliminate the ever popular cold derrière and boxy shape mishap!  I vote Camel or Red.  Don’t worry guys, this coat doesn’t have to offend your sensibility, it’s wool, so it is sexy and warm. $126.00

4. Chanel Lipstick- Good makeup, especially carrying the Chanel logo, is a timeless gift!  This set offers the four biggest sellers from the Chanel counter.  Giving your lady the gift of beauty and allowing for her to have options that can suit her mood… in case it changes. $128.00

5. Gourmet Hot Coco and delicate tea cups- Because women DO love chocolate and sipping a warm beverage from a delicate cup is decadent.   Coco Mix- $15.00 Cup- $37.00 each

6. Earrings- Buying your lady jewelry should be at the top of your list-  because- it is a GREAT idea.  Depending on her style and the duration of your relationship will admittedly alter what you should choose.  But you can never go wrong with statement earrings.  I recently read an interview with a designer that said you should only ever wear jewelry that can be seen across the room.  I couldn’t agree more.  I think these earrings are the perfect balance, bold and awe-worthy without being gaudy.  $42.00

7. Men’s watch- Because it is sexy and strong.  An oversized watch face on our delicate wrists is a perfect definition of juxtaposed fashion.  $79.00

8. Briefcase- I think most men will agree that the end of the oversized-handbag craze is warmly welcomed!  Women are looking for bags that will serve a dual purpose, to be stylish and utilitarian.  This brief case is the perfect mix of classic and modern styles.  It can easily shift from day to night, from the office to the party… meaning, less time to get ready!  $85.00

9. Leather Agenda- I always loved the start of a new school year because it meant crisp new binders and notebooks.  Well, the new year is the grownup chance to load up on flashy new organizational tools.  This leather bound agenda is sleek and noteworthy – pardon the pun.  And Red makes everything HOT! $65.00

10. Eco Foldable Lunch Box A typical new years resolution is “to eat better”.  Packing a lunch can help her do this- and save loads of money!  This lunch box is a personal favorite of mine… wink wink, nudge nudge…  $15.00

11. Booties- The average woman has spent countless hours searching for the perfect pair of shoes… we will never have enough nor will we ever tire of dreaming of more.  These heels are an incredible combo of class and dazzle. They are exactly what she needs for that New Years party.  These booties will keep her toes warm, while the sparkle heel takes them from typical to glamorous, without suffering for the sake of fashion!  $98.00
P.S.  Santa, I’m a size 7.5 … although I’m sure you remembered.

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