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Winter ‘Muffs

My ears have been freezing the last couple of days with these gale-force winds we’ve been having in the Queen City. Thusly I’ve been contemplating purchasing a pair of ear muffs so not to mess my coiffe in the morning. The Style Blogger shows a handsome pair off nicely in a post he did last year.

180s Ear Warmers certainly seem to cornered the market when it comes to ear muffs for men. Available just about everywhere, the idea of behind-the-head ear warmers first began in 1993 as part of a Wharton Business School assignment. From there, the company quickly grew into one the premier outfitters of winter accessories and apparel with nearly 80 patents and patents pending.

After browsing their website I’ve select a few rather Dandy options. The go-to standard of course should be the Buffalo Plaid, but I also like these two handsome herringbone versions that are much more subtle and would go with various coating options.



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