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Check out fellow style blogger The Modern Minion’s first DIY Bow Tie. Very handsomely done, sir.

The Modern Minion

Inspired by fellow men’s style blogger and bow tie enthusiast Buffalo Dandy, I made a bow tie to commemorate my first Bow Tie Friday. The pattern was pretty straight forward and I used fabric that I happend to have. For my first go at it, I’m pretty pleased with the results. Paired with my Coca-Cola sweater (I was inspired by D&G) from Target ($7 on clearance), this bow tie is the perfect escort into an amazing weekend.

Go forth and dress well.

Pattern and instructions can be found here. A word of cautious, I have a small neck and this fits me perfectly so you may need to adjust accordingly.

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Brooks Trouser Strap

I picked up this rather Dandy accessory from Campus WheelWorks after the Tweed Ride this weekend. Truly for the Dandy cyclist who has everything, the Brooks Leather Trouser Strap helps the urban cyclist to fasten his or her trousers and prevents them from being caught in the chain ring. Mostly known for their leather bike saddles, the trouser strap lives up to Brooks’ high quality standards. The embossed leather is beautiful and works basically like the 80’s slap bracelets many of us had as kids, but with a suede backing for added comfort. I thought these were a great alternative to rolling up your pant leg or tucking your trousers into your socks, plus they come in a variety of colors and can always double as wrist band when not in use.


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Got a little brave and busted out the white denim pants today…

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The tie rack was getting a little crowded in the closet, so the in-laws gave me Grandpa’s old tie rack so my bow tie collection could have their own home. Took some work to actually get it attached to the wall, but that’s why I’m a Dandy and not a handyman.

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I know the proportions look slightly different than usual, but I just had to buy this Gotye CD after hearing and subsequently listening to a million times his single Somebody I Used To Know. I love the video for this song as well, and while I might be a little late to the show with this artist, it’s definitely worth a listen/watch. I also enjoyed checking out some songs by Kimbra who is featured on the song and who’s dance moves remind me of a friend of mine. 😉

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We are out enjoying an a celebratory dinner at Caffe Espresso for landing a new job today and I decided to bust out the Colonel Mustard Bow Tie with some contrasting pops of color and a custom pocket square made from an old scrap of fabric. Really digging this color scheme.

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[photo by Thomas Barone]

This years Tweed Ride hosted by the Buffalo Lazy Randoneeur Club was truly an incredible event. They had an amazing turnout this year, with some of the Dandiest that Buffalo had to offer showing up to look their best. The weather was just chilly enough to warrant all the tweed (especially down by the water) and the sun even decided to come out just as we concluded our ride. The wife did an amazing job for her first time out, and we both just had an absolute blast. The pace was lazy indeed, never really going too fast which was great because it allowed us to sit back and enjoy a leisurely bike ride though the city, chatting about this and that and enjoying ourselves. We were dressed in true Dandy fashion (even both got nominated for best dressed) and the Buffalo Dandy arm bands I made for us certainly were a hit and hopefully introduced some new readers to the site.

Thanks again to the BLRC for hosting this event. We can’t wait for the next one! Check out a bunch of photos from the ride after the jump.


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Looks like Great Lakes Prep and I are on similar pages today, as we both posted about reversible bow ties for Bow Tie Friday. His was on Social Primers latest Brooks Brothers collaboration (which is awesome) and I wanted to make a similar version using a vintage camo shirt I recently purchased at Uncle Sam’s Army/Navy Store in downtown Buffalo. So I busted out the old sewing machine and created this little guy I call The Sgt. Hulka.

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Rather than drawing out a bunch of trends I’ve been noticing through numerous posts, I thought I would present them together for everyone in one super post about upcoming trends for Spring.

First on the list (which we’ve already discussed) is the emergence of the brightly colored pant. Literally every store I’ve walked into has a pair of red chinos you can buy. So my advice is to go out and try and bunch on and see which one fits you the best. I really like these slim fitting ones from Brooks Brothers, and while I feel like anyone could pull the reds ones off if everyone else is wearing them, it takes some brass to rock the bright yellow ones.

Another item I’ve been seeing a lot is the return of the Chambray Shirt. Chambray is a lightweight cotton or linen fabric that almost resembles denim. A great Springtime shirt, these can have a western design to them, or a more plain option like this one from Lands End. Being a Dandy, not a cowboy, I prefer the latter. And again, pretty much every store has these right now, so find one with the right style and price for you.

Camo is also having a resurgence in menswear, showing up everywhere from khakis, shoes, ties and pocket squares. I prefer a more subtle option, like this handsome watchstrap from J.Crew. Slip it on your favorite watch face and you’re ready to brave the concrete jungle.

Working our way down to the feet with the latest trend in footwear: the colored sole. Leave it to Sperry to produce a very simple Top Sider with a splash of neon blue on the bottom. A perfect combo. Again, like most things in this post, nothing to overly flashy. Just some subtle highlights that can really bring your outfit to Dandy level.

Finish the whole thing off this nice braided cotton belt from Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply, and you’re ready to start enjoying Spring in style.

Brooks Brothers Milano Garment-Dyed Twill Chinos $69
Lands’ End Button Down Chambray Shirt $50
J.Crew Camo Watch Strap $20
Sperry Cloud Logo Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe $90
Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Cotton Braided O-Ring Belt $65

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At long last the Buffalo Lazy Randonneur Club will be hosting their 3rd Annual Tweed Bicycle Ride this Sunday at noon. The wife and I have been coordinating our outfits for about a week, and with the weather dipping back down into the 50’s this weekend, it’s shaping up to be a perfect day for a leisurely bike ride through the city. If you happened to miss this past Summer’s Seersucker Ride, now is your chance to converse and partake in merriment with your fellow Buffalo Dandies. The event will kick off at 1 Naval Park Cove in downtown Buffalo by the Whipple Truss Bridge.

Be part of the Best Bike Ride in Buffalo (as selected by Buffalo Spree Magazine ’11) Join us for the third annual Buffalo Lazy Randonneur Club tweed bicycle ride. Wear your finest woolens, dresses, knickers (please), etc. and enjoy a meandering ride along the waterfront as we make our way to Delaware Park and eventually the Essex Street Pub for toasts, poems and libations.

In order to be a part of the ride you need at least two of the following:
1) A bike – preferably a Penny Farthing
2) Like of cheese and cured meats – olives oils for the trendy types
3) Wear tweed – the more the merrier (mandatory)… woolens, dresses, knickers, bodice
4) Have luggage racks on your bike or your back
5) Know a poem or two… or able to give a toast (with jam not jelly)
6) Like picnics and pubs and ribbons
7) Bring a friend who is either a hopeless romantic or a bare knuckle shadow boxer

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