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So I try and stay as Dandy as possible – but with my job as a Sales Manager at the Home Depot there’s more tool belts then dress belts…but when I can dress up I take great pride in it. I’ve been looking for ties that aren’t striped from top to bottom, you know like on TV. I always see these ties that have just like 2 stripes up top or at the bottom, but i can never find them online or in stores…any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your style tips and deals…


Hi Peter, thanks again for writing. I know what you’re talking about and love a Dandy challenge but must admit, this was a tough one to find. After looking around in stores and online, the only place that I found that has what you are looking for I think was this one and this one on I also found this nice vintage one on All three options are very reasonably priced. If any other Dandy’s out there know of where to find what Peter is looking for, please comment below.

I often gauge a trend on how easy it is to find. If this is something that you’ve seen, but isn’t in stores yet, chances are this is a trend on the rise and we could certainly expect to see some more popping up in the future.  Thanks again for writing, Pete. Keep reading and stay Dandy everyone.


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[photo by Donald Schwartz]

Perhaps one of the world’s most famous Dandies visited Buffalo State last night as a celebrity judge for the “Advance Your Swagger” Styling Competition. Fonzworth Bentlely (also known as P. Diddy’s ex-umbrella holder) spoke about how to incorporate manners, confidence, and yes, swagger, into a professional look. For the competition, six stylists are charged with dressing two models a piece in outfits costing $10 or less from Amvets Thrift Store. These outfits are supposed to be appropriate for internship and job interviews in one of six disciplines: communication, business, education, social sciences, law enforcement, and fashion. I was extremely impressed by these looks and picked out some my favorites in the gallery below courtesy of Also be sure to check out the interview with the man himself here.

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