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We had a busy Dandy-filled weekend this past weekend. My family came up to visit from Albany on Friday, where we proceeded to attend the Wines of the World event at the newly renovated Statler City.

Saturday was the most fun as we attended the 25 Anniversary Les Miserables show at Shea’s. Trying our best to look both French, and Dandy at the same time, I decided to wear my Carven suit with an ascot for the first time in a long time. Certainly received some unsure looks, but also received some “wow way to rock the ascot looks”. Ha ha. It was my first time seeing the famed musical in it’s entirety and I have to say… utterly amazing. Everything from the songs, the passion of the actors, the amazing set design and the evening more amazing special effects, it was easy to see how the show sold out so quickly.

The evening was rounded out by a grand dinner at Russell’s Steakhouse with the in-laws where we ate and drank our way into the twilight hours. It’s always a great time when my parents are in town, and this was the perfect end my week-long birthday celebration. I mean, you only turn 32 once!


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