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Where can I find a nice, on the cheapish side, pair of chukkas? I really like the vintage look of these boots and how they look nicer with the more wear they get.


Thanks for writing Emmett. Chukkas (or Dessert Boots) are tricky. It seems like you can find them just about everywhere these days, but you have to be careful because you really only get what you pay for. Target has a cheap pair for only $40, but I saw them in the store and also read a review online that said they are really cheaply constructed and fall apart easy, thus negating the whole “nicer with more wear” thing. For my money, Clarks have always been the gold standard. DSW has a nice pair for $70, and everywhere else seems to charge $100 or more for similar pairs. They require some breaking in, but they should last quite a while. Red Wing also makes some really nice ones, but they will cost a bit more, ranging anywhere from $160-$240+. Hope this helps. Thanks for ready, and stay Dandy.


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