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Silk Lapel Knots

I’ve been asked a few times about my lapel knots and thought I would share this Dandy accessory with my fellow readers. I decided to go on the hunt for silk cufflink knots after spotting them on lapels in various fashion blogs and magazines. It took a keen eye to notice them, but I’m so happy I did because they have quickly become one of my favorite fashion accessories. Brooks Brothers have a great collection of colored knots, but pretty much any menswear store should have them. They truly are the cherry on top of any outfit, and I now actually refrain from purchasing a blazer if it doesn’t have the lapel buttonhole on it. As you can see below, paired with a simple white shirt and neutral tie, the lapel knot adds a quiet pop of color to any suit. If you’re going to pair the knot with a pocket square or tie, be sure to match it with a minor color so knot to over do it.


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