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Nice Ash was gracious enough to allow me to attend Gentleman’s Night this past Thursday despite the event being sold out. I’m not a huge cigar smoker, but I’ve always enjoyed a good pipe, so I Dandied up, grabbed my Billiard and headed over.

I had never been in the Cohiba Members Lounge located in the rear of the store, but upon entering I was amazed at the size and elegance of it. Leather chairs and couches lining the walls, an enormous flat screen TV with stereo speakers in the ceiling and walls, pool and card tables, dart boards, and most impressively, VIP Members get their own humidor locker which many use to store not only their favorite cigars, but bottles of their favorite libations as well. One of the Buffalo’s finest shoe shiners was on hand doing his thing as well as a masseuse whose salty one-liners kept the gents on their toes. Everyone who attended received a complimentary cigar and several accessories were raffled off as the night progressed. Drinks were filled and cigars lit by their lovely Cigarista Girl and the hookas were flowing even though most of the gentleman weren’t interested in partaking. I sampled some of their extensive pipe tobacco collection as well as some of the hooka tobacco which had an equally impressive diversity. Every flavor imaginable is available in the store and it was great to have the option to sample some before buying any.

As the night progressed and the NFL Draft grew nearer, it was time to head home, but not without some parting gifts. I won a handsome Punch ashtray in the raffle, and also received some complimentary tobacco samples courtesy of a generous member. It was a great event and I enjoyed meeting some fellow Dandy enthusiasts. If cigars, pipes or hookas are of any interest to you, I highly recommend not only checking out the shop and chatting up their friendly and knowledgeable staff, but also look into become a Lounge Member. Check out some photos after the jump.



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