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“I have a my high school prom May 30th & I was looking for an outfit. Any suggestions ? I was thinking about the smoking jacket with Matthew Cookson slippers…”


Hi Devon. Thanks so much for writing.

Ah, Prom… One of the many rights of passage into adulthood we all must face; some greet it with enthusiasm, some with utter dread. First off, let me applaud you on a such a Dandy choice for a prom outfit. There are several articles out now on how to look your best at Prom, and the smoking jacket with Matthew Cookson slippers was certainly not on any lists. However, it definitely falls in the “have fun with it but look fantastic” category in my book.

For me, I’ve always preferred a more classic look for such a formal event like Prom. You can never go wrong with a tailored tux and black bow tie. But I want to explore your outfit idea bit more because I think it would be really cool. If you’re indeed able to get your hands on a smoking jacket, I suggest something in a darker color so not to give off the appearance of wearing a costume. Then I would go with a fitted french-cuff shirt. However, if you’re looking to go with something more nontraditional, try a brightly colored solid or gingham shirt. Of course such an outfit almost demands wearing a silk ascot, but a bow tie here would work just as well and might help dress up the outfit a bit more. For pants, again a darker shade would be best (extra points for actual tuxedo pants) but if you really want to stand out, you could try a brighter color option. It won’t be as formal, but it will certainly turn heads. Just be sure to finish the outfit off with a complementing color accent in either a pocket square, whatever neck-wear you choose, or even your boutonniere. You can even pick up on the color in your slippers’ embroidery depending on which ones you get. One of the fantastic things about the slipper idea are the endless possibilities. Below are a couple of smoking jackets options as well as a few shots from Tom Fords new Spring/Summer line. Looks like you’re right on trend Devon!

As I said, above all (as is the plight every Dandy) you want to avoid looking like you’re wearing a costume. There will be plenty of photos taken that night, so you want to be sure you look your best, but are also comfortable in what you’re wearing. Just remember to have fun, be safe, and as always, stay Dandy.

For extra tips on the big night, check out GQ’s 10-Point Plan to Prom.


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