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I saw this in the store today and it went so well with my outfit I just had to get it. Yet another fedora from New Era’s Spring EK Collection, The Whisper is a great Spring/Summer head-wear choice with it’s linen fabric and brightly colored band.



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Introducing Rex Velvet, the Dandiest Super Villain ever. In a series of online videos,Rex Velvet has launched a campaign to rid his beloved Seattle of the masked do-gooder Phoenix Jones. Bestowing upon himself the moniker of “The People’s Villain“, Velvet’s array of devious gadgetry, impeccable tailoring and luxurious sport cars makes him well equipped to handle this challenge. I know one thing for sure… Phoenix Jones has met his match.

I foresee a future where we live with sane communities, sound minds, and safe streets. Finally, there will be a home for your voices to be heard – in regards to the mass of unwanted superhero shenanagins. Your patience will pay off.

Yours Truly,
Rex Velvet
“Let us rid our city of these silly, vigilante nerds”

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