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The next couple of days will feature products to make your 4th of July Celebration truly Dandy. Starting at the top is this fantastic invention by San Diego-based Commons Designs Group: The JackHawk 9000. These Wayfarer-looking sunglasses feature durable titanium arms that serve as a fully-funcitonal bottle opener.

“By capitalizing on the leverage of the fulcrum and redirecting the force from the hinges into the palm of the hand, you can open any beer with ease.”

This hands down beats any bottle opener EVER because there is literally nothing to carry… Just slip off your shades, pop a bottle and slip them back on. The company has reached out to Kick Starter to help make their dream a reality and they have already hit their targeted donation goal. So hopefully that means these puppies will be in store soon, or you can donate on their page a pledge of $90 and get a pair delivered to your door. Check out the company’s hilarious promo video below.

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One of my favorite times of year is right after Summer starts and Abercrombie suddenly has all their Classic Shorts on sale for around $30. While many may scoff at Abercrombie, one cannot deny that they make a decent product. I’ve always loved their attention to details, how they’ve made distressing an art form, the heavy weight of their materials and how everything fits like you’ve had it for years.

This years shorts are particularly great because the range of Go To Hell color-ways available and the ultra high inseam which takes a particular level confidence and quad muscularity to pull off. In addition, the shorts also come with a nice, chunky braided belt that can easily be worn with any Summer outfit. I know some of us older Dandies may feel awkward walking into the store, but for the price you will be hard pressed to find a nicer pair of shorts this 4th of July.

No way, no how? Alright then, try out some of these other shortie short options:

Brooks Brothers 5″ Twill Shorts $64 | Chubbies $60 | J.CreW 5″ Essential Chinos $50 | Bonobos B’s Knees $65Scotch & Soda Washed Shorts $104 | Michael Bastian Cord Shorts $158

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So my brother’s wedding reception was this past Saturday out in Stuyvesant Falls, NY. The actual ceremony itself was held Wednesday during the Summer Solstice which also happened to be the day it got up to 95 degrees outside. The outdoor wedding made the heat quite unbearable, so the jackets were ditched and after the vows we all changed into more comfortable, weather appropriate attire for a family BBQ.

Saturday was the big day, with all the family members coming out to see the beautiful homemade place settings, take a ceremonial walk through the woods to see where the exchange of vows took place earlier, try some home-brewed beer, and dance the night away. After supper we were met with several surprises including an ice cream truck and even a spectacular fire works display. According to the guests my best man speech was very well received, so I felt good about upholding my brotherly duties. All in all it was a fantastic couple of days, albeit filled with the occasional wedding stress which it to be expected. For now, the Mrs. and I are glad to be home for some R&R from our R&R. Check out some photos from the festivities after the jump.


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Easing back in the swing of things with a Shock Top Wheat IPA and some Easy Jazz featuring such greats as Cannonball Adderely, Sergio Mendes, Shelly Manne, Jack Marshall, Howard Roberts and Eddie Heywood. Part of a 10 LP box set, this was one of two albums from the collection I was able to acquire at the Super Flea in Buffalo.

Sorry for the lack of posts, been out of town for my brothers wedding (check back later for the highlights.)

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My brother is getting married this weekend and being a outdoor/country wedding, one must dress appropriately…

Accompanying me down the aisle will be my new 3-Piece Linen Suit from H&M along with a Linen Shirt from Banana Republic, a Buffalo Dandy Bow Tie that matches both the Groom’s tie and Mrs Dandy’s dress, my Dad’s vintage pocket watch, the trusty Ray Ban’s and a pair of sock-less loafers.

Now all I have to do is worry about that best man speech

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This Sunday is the 3rd Annual Seersucker Ride hosted by the Buffalo Lazy Randonneur Club. After attending last years ride and the Tweed ride early this season, I can honestly say this is an event not to be missed in Buffalo. Hosted rain or shine, the bicycle route begins at the Naval park and traverses along the waterfront until finally concluding in Delaware Park where champagne and snacks await. We will sadly be unable to attend this year, but I am sending several Dandy delegates in my stead, so I want to see photos of everyone looking their Seersuckerly Dandiest.

[Via Facebook]
Outfit yourself in this most puckered and summery fabric and join us for a leisurely relaxed bicycle ride to Delaware Park where we shall mark the new season with a Champagne Picnic. Feel free to bring along berries, cheeses, breads, hard sausages and Champagne, bien sur! We may even indulge our sporting zeal with a Pétanque tourney. Whatever that may be. 

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I would be happy to sir!

You will need 4 mint sprigs, 2 1/2 oz of Bourbon (anything from Jim Beam, Makers Mark or Woodford Reserve will do), 1 tsp of sugar, 2 tbsp of club soda.

Muddle the mint, sugar and club soda in the bottom of a glass. Add the ice and bourbon, then garnish with a mint sprig. Enjoy!

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I’m curious, as a young woman, can I be dandy? Is it incorrect for me to try to fit into the terms that you’ve explicitly given to males? Because my idea of how I want to re-invent my wardrobe isn’t very feminine… actually, most of what I have in mind is exactly what you blog about.


Thank you so much for writing, AJ. While the role of a Dandy is most often times reserved for males, there is  such thing as a female Dandy whom is often referred to unofficially as a “Quaintrelle”– a woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures. So an answer to you’re question is a resounding YES, there is such a thing as a female Dandy.

For some further Quaintrelle style inspirations, you may want to check out photos from the latest Seersucker Social hosted by Dandies & Quaintrelles in Washington DC, or check out some other fine examples below this post.

Most importantly, however, one must always remember the sartorial adage I often quote on the site which is: “wear what you dig.” Just because a certain style may have a masculine association with it, by no means does it imply that a woman cannot adopt the style herself. Thanks again for writing, keep reading and as always, stay Dandy.


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There is little that can be done to un-brighten this bow tie. I wanted to try and do a Summer style reversible, but it came out a bit too Easter looking. Oh well. Maybe I’ll wear it with the seersucker out front instead, or perhaps a different color than the pink… For we’ll call this one a work in progress.

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