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Father’s Day is coming up, so it’s time to start deciding what to get Dad this year. I’ve compiled a list with a pretty wide price list, so you’re sure to find something to fit your budget. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Vinyl Tap App with iTunes gift card –  Is dad a vinyl fan, but also a bit of a tech guy? Check out this new iPad app which simulates a turntable complete with sound pops and moveable needle. Toss in an iTunes gift card so he can download some of his favorite tunes to enjoy it with. $2 + $50

Brooks Brothers Polo Set – This one is the mother load. The Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Box Set includes 44 colored cotton pique polo shirts in every available color . This one is a bit pricey, but hey, it’s your dad. He made you! Time to repay the favor. $2000

Nike TW 13 Golf Shoes – The latest from Nike’s golf collection, let Dad do his best Tiger Woods impression with the TW 13 Golf Shoes. Based on Nikes’ natural motion engineered outsole, the TW 13 lets your foot move naturally as you swing but also helps keeps your feet in place. $220

Buffalo Meerschaum Pipe – Get your dad something unique to show off his Buffalo Dandy pride with this beautifully hand-crafted Buffalo Meerschaum Pipe. Available online but also at one of my favorite smoke shops Nice Ash. $140

Sounders Leather Shade Anchors – If you read the blog regularly, you should already be aware of Sounders. Their leather Shade Anchors are perfect for a dad that likes gifts to be simple, practical and useful. $35

Swims Rubber and Mesh Boat Shoes – If dad is out on the water much, check out these boat shoes from Norwegian Shoe makers Swims. Made of durable rubber, this waterproof shoe features anti-bacterial mesh lining and “gill” around the base to let water out and air in.  Available in various color ways, this one is perfect for the more Dapper boating dad. $150

Buffalo Jackson Polo Shirt – The Brooks Brothers collection a bit out of your price range? Try  one of these handsome polos by Buffalo Jackson Trading Company. Perfect for Dads, the polos have “no weird cuts for skinny kids to fake some arm muscles. This is for guys who work and sweat.” $55

Buffalo Sabres Bow Tie – Dad a Sabres fan? Introduce him to the art of the bow tie (unless he introduced you) by giving him one featuring his favorite sports team. Available at O’Connell’s, tell them Buffalo Dandy sent you. $55

Stalward Ltd Ties – If he’s not a bow tie fan, these ties from Stalward Ltd are quickly becoming one of the most coveted manly accessory. Hand stitched in Chicago, the ties feature a loop constructed of surplus army gas lamp wick for an added touch of vintage appeal. $64

Camo and Purple Trim Handkerchief – Dads are one of the few people I know that still carry a handkerchief in their back pocket (my Dad does anyways). Why not introduce some color into the mix with one of these handsome handkercheifs by the Fine and Dandy Shop in NYC.  $25

John Deere Tango E5 Autonomous Lawnmower – THIS is awesome. Dad getting a little sick of constantly having to mow the lawn? This might be the gift for him. John Deere has introduced an autonomous lawn mower called the Tango E5. Using underground wires, the mower determines the perimeter of your lawn and operates completely on its own. A traction sensor device keeps it away from obstacles and recycles the grass clippings into the lawn, eliminating the need for a bag. For now, unfortunatly, the model is only available in the UK. 2,500 €

Butterfly Knife Bottle Opener – This one might appeal to a younger generation of Dads, but every guy likes to feel like a bad ass from time to time. Whip one of these out at the next family BBQ and no one will think about touching the grill again. Made of food grade, high quality stainless steel, the bottle opener looks and behaves like a butterfly knife, but with a more practical use of opening your favorite beer. $7

Vetyver Eau de Toilette – I know what you’re thinking. My Dad wouldn’t wear a cologne from some fancy French store in the mall. Wait until he smells it, though. This classic fragrance joins the spicy aroma of vetyver wood with bergamot, rosemary, cyber and nutmeg to create a perfectly balanced subtle Summer fragrance that any man can enjoy. $50

The Gentry Man Finally, let Dad relive some of the good old days with The Gentry Man: A Guide for the Civilized Male. The book collects the best from the 22 issues of Gentry Magazine which ran from 1951 to 1957 and covers everything from home, cars, sports and drink. More than fifty years after it ceased publication, Gentry magazine is still one of the most influential men’s magazines ever created. $20


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