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Hawaiian shirts are one of those Summer staples that re-appear every year that you either love or hate. Me? I love them. To me their irreverent nature embodies everything that Summer aught to be. Unfortunatly, these jems are rarely acceptable in the office (for good reason) unless you have one of those Hawaiian Shirt days at work.

The Montreal-based accessory company Dolbeau has solved this sartorial connundrum with their Fast Eddie Hawaiian Print Tie collection. It may be because I’ve been listening to the Beach Boys all morning or that I spent all day out on the water yesterday, but I am digging these so hard right now it’s not even funny. Check out some of the other color options and the rest of their Dandy accessory line here.

Fast, fluid, and fearless, Eddie Akau was Hawaii’s pioneer of big wave surfing. Now you can be your own fearless pioneer of the next big wave in neckwear: flat tipped, Hawaiian print goodness. Throw on one of these bad boys and you’ll be surfing through crowds of adoring wahines in no time.



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In my opinion, the Mansion on Delaware offers some of the finest accommodations in Buffalo. If they are booked, which is entirely possible because it’s such a small place, you can also try the Embassy Suites or the Downtown Hampton Inn which is centrally located. 

Asking where to eat in Buffalo is tricky because there are so many fantastic restaurants. After my recent first-time visit, I have to say that Tempo offers some of the best food and atmosphere in all of Buffalo. If you’re feeling more touristy, you can visit the famous Anchor Bar which invented the Buffalo Chicken Wing, but there are better wings in town (who has the best is a subject of never-ending debate here, but for now I will say that Gabrielle’s Gate has the best). Also Chef’s Restaurant is a favorite among visitors, as well as The Left Bank, Hutch’s, Blue Monk, or one of my personal favorites, Russell’s Steakhouse (which also has a hotel in it so you could kill two birds with one stone). I hope this helps and please feel free to share any photos of your visit. Thanks for reading and stay Dandy.

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