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There is little that can be done to un-brighten this bow tie. I wanted to try and do a Summer style reversible, but it came out a bit too Easter looking. Oh well. Maybe I’ll wear it with the seersucker out front instead, or perhaps a different color than the pink… For we’ll call this one a work in progress.


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While I always try to look my Dandy-best, sometimes you just have to go casual. That’s why during the Summer months I tend to live in polo shirts. However, after putting some laundry away last night I noticed several of my favorite polo’s are starting to look a bit too faded and rather un-Dandy like. So I thought I’d share some thoughts on the polo’s I’m looking to buy. I tend to go pretty simple with my polo’s – sticking mostly to standard or bright color options with a left chest embroidery. I tried to mix it up a little bit, but I encourage all Dandies to wear what you like and feel most comfortable in. Now lets get started…


It would seem sacrilegious not to begin the list with the one that started it all. My only complaint is the now infamous flimsy collar that has replaced the coveted thicker Izod Lacoste version from our childhood. And the higher price point purely for the little alligator logo has me on constant watch for vintage versions in thrift stores. The only one I’ve ever found was an XS in Toronto. But still, a perfectly worn-in Lacoste Polo is pure perfection.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Another tried and true favorite… if Lacoste created it, some say Ralph Lauren perfected it. I actually own more of these than any other polo and I’ll share a Dandy secret with you… If you like your polo’s with a slimmer cut, try buying these in a Youth XL for literally half price and an identical fit as a Small.

$81 (on sale)

I love pretty much everything Michael Bastian does and this polo is no exception. The colorway is amazing and I love the larger contrast collar. Unfortunately a lot of his stuff tends to be a bit more than I’m willing to spend. Thank God Park & Bond is having a sale right now… This one is a strong favorite, the only thing holding me back is I would love to try it on before I buy it.

Brooks Brothers

I’m loving Brooks Brothers more and more these days and with their Golden Fleece promotion, you are sure to find a color that works for you. Or you can mix it up with this striped option that I’m really liking mostly because the stripes match all of my summer short colors so it will go with everything. The higher price-point also gives you some peace of mind since these polo’s boast that they will last longer than most, resisting fading and piling. Yet, is that not part of what gives polo’s their charm?

Orvis $60
Orvis makes some fantastic clothes. Rugged and made to last, I love the subtle details of this polo like the placket stitching and the sun faded coloring requires no “wearing in” time.  It’s not pique-per say, but this is still fine option and the warmer the weather gets, I often find myself switching to the lighter-weight jersey polos anyway.


I’m sure I will catch some flack for this but I am a popped-collar Dandy. I’ve always been. I just like the way it looks and yes, I know it looks douchey but I can’t help it. That in mind, the stiffness of the collar is a huge determining factor for me when it comes to polo’s. Express has one of the nicer balance of a collar that isn’t as stiff as Abercrombie’s, but has more heft than some of the “higher-end” polo’s. Again, with several color options and an acceptable sized logo on the left chest, I’ve had a few of these over the years and they’ve never steered me wrong.


Rugby is another company whose stuff I love on a regular basis, but have to hold out until it to goes on sale. They have several amazing polo’s including a design your own option (which is also on sale) that lets you pick your own color and embroidery options. I really like the color option on this one and the little skull and crossbones is just the right amount of understated badass. The only issue is there is no store nearby and I have to try something on before I buy it.


I’ve said before that I have a love/hate relationship with J.Crew. Their fits are just not flattering on me for some reason. I am willing to give them another try (I always do) with this great striped option. I tend to keep my polo’s pretty minimal, but with stripes being such a huge trend this season, I feel like this could easily work it’s way into my wardrobe and would literally go with everything.

The Gap

Just because the prices are dropping, doesn’t mean they’re not a decent polo. The Gap is a standard for many male shoppers and I will admit that they make an ok polo. Comfortable… tag-less… you can wear them out and not feel terrible when it’s time to throw them away because the Gap will always be there waiting for you. Unless they try to change their logo again…


Last but not least, looking for a simple polo, available in multiple colors that you can actually afford to buy several of? Look no further than H&M. At 10 bucks a pop, get one of every color and wear them to death. I don’t expect these to last forever, but again if you’re on a budget and want to wear something other than a t-shirt and despise logos on your clothes, this is one of the best options available.


This is by no means a complete list. There are infinite places to get a polo that I didn’t include here, but it’s getting late and I want to go to sleep. Some other places that make great polos are:
L.L.Bean | Izod | Buffalo Jackson | O’Connell’s | Original Penguin | Fred Perry | Bonobos | Riverside

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