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The next couple of days will feature products to make your 4th of July Celebration truly Dandy. Starting at the top is this fantastic invention by San Diego-based Commons Designs Group: The JackHawk 9000. These Wayfarer-looking sunglasses feature durable titanium arms that serve as a fully-funcitonal bottle opener.

“By capitalizing on the leverage of the fulcrum and redirecting the force from the hinges into the palm of the hand, you can open any beer with ease.”

This hands down beats any bottle opener EVER because there is literally nothing to carry… Just slip off your shades, pop a bottle and slip them back on. The company has reached out to Kick Starter to help make their dream a reality and they have already hit their targeted donation goal. So hopefully that means these puppies will be in store soon, or you can donate on their page a pledge of $90 and get a pair delivered to your door. Check out the company’s hilarious promo video below.


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