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Keeping with the Olympic theme, Ralph Lauren recently unveiled their designs for the Opening Ceremony uniforms for the US Olympic Team. Prep-freaking-tastic! I am loving and (pretty sure I’m going to need one of) the navy double breasted sport coats paired with the white pants and Repp tie. RL did a stellar job as always.



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[via The Guardian]

The Olympics haven’t arrived yet, but a much Dandier sporting event has already taken place this past weekend in London. Behold the glory that is The Chap Olympiad.

The 8th Annual Chap Olympiad, described as ‘a celebration of eccentricity and athletic ineptitude with the emphasis on panache and style over sporting prowess’, took place in Bedford Square, London, at the weekend and featured events such as cucumber sandwich discus, shouting-at-foreigners, a butler-baiting contest and umbrella jousting.

Unlike the Olympics which awards medals to its victors, the Chap Olympiad bestows gold, silver and bronze cravats (much more practical). Even better, the winners are not determined by the who has the most points, but rather who has the most style and panache. Truly a sporting event any Dandy can appreciate.

More photos of this amazing event after the jump.


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