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Admittedly I am a terrible golfer. However, in the corporate wold, Golf remains one of those man skills that is somewhat of a prerequisite. Whether it’s entertaining clients, mulling over business problems, examining opportunities, exchanging rumors, spreading gossip (movie?), or just repaying your coworkers for a job well done, it’s important to be properly dressed. Your habiliaments should be comfortable, but also dress code appropriate for whatever venue you happen to be playing at. Being a movie geek, I couldn’t help but throw some Caddyshack references into my outfit which I gladly present to you now…

Bonobos The Press Golf Pants: A comfortable, perfectly fitted pair of performance golf pants that are as white as Judge Smails hair. $98

Bushwood Country Club Polo: I custom screenprinted one of these for myself because I didn’t want to wait for one to arrive in the mail. But you can buy official ones at  $50

Official Judge Smails Fedora: “Oh, this is the worst-looking hat I ever saw. What, when you buy a hat like this I bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh? Oh, looks good on you though!” $35

Huntsman Vineyard Wilde Belt: Had to throw a preppy splash of color into the outfit just in case you didn’t want to wear the fedora all day. But why wouldn’t you? $112

Nike Lunar Swingtip Golf Shoe: Nike’s latest creation mixes a broque style golf shoe with a low-profile skate shoe. It’s unique leather grip insole allows the shoes to be worn on the golf course as well as the street. $160

Golf Sense 3D Swing Analyzer: Attach this to your glove and then use the iPad or iPhone app to analyze your swing using 3D motion capture technology. Better than listening to you’re friends tell you what you’re doing wrong all day. $130


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