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While I love a good Adirondack Chair, I’ll always be a surfer at heart. Ever since Jr High I’ve been enamored with surf culture, and actually getting on a board and riding a wave in is one of the best feelings there are. Unfortunatly, there isn’t much surfing here in Buffalo (unless you count this). Thankfully you can still get your surfing fix with these incredible Bombwatcher Folding Surfboard Chairs. Made of high quality cedar and oak, each one is handcrafted in Cocoa Beach, Florida and are incredibly strong, durable and rot resistant. Their patent pending Fold-to-Flat design makes them easy to carry, store and display.

The chairs come in two styles: Longboard with a single fin (5ft tall) or Shortboard with 3 fins (4 1/2 ft tall). The shipping is a bit much ($100, yikes) so you might want to wait until your next trip down South to pick one up.



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