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The Jack Purcell Debacle

So Jack Purcell’s have been getting a lot of press on the blogosphere this Summer and rightfully so. I like so many others purchased a pair about two months ago and have been pretty much living in them all Summer, while subsequently living in fear of getting them dirty. Yes, I know they are supposed to get dirty, I’m just having a difficult time letting it happen. So the shoes are great, they are incredibly comfortable (somehow more so than regular Chuck Taylor’s) and they are a fine addition to any Summer outfit. However…

The above photo is from DSW’s Online Store (I purchased mine at the mall) where the shoes have the signature embroidered tongue and navy insoles which Purcell’s are famous for. The photo below that (courtesy of A Continuous Lean) are the actual “Remastered” shoes which are what you get from Converse or in stores. Notice the two most obvious details are missing. Another change is the location of the side grommets. Once in the canvas alone, they are now punched through both the rubber sole and canvas – the end result looking rather unrefined in my opinion. Also, the metal caps at the end of the laces are gone and the canvas material now seems to be much more lightweight.

There doesn’t appear to be any explanation anywhere for these changes, except perhaps they were made once Purcell partnered with Converse. It’s unfortunate that such an iconic shoe was reduced to a cheaper-looking facsimile, because these changes really don’t make the shoe look any better. Thankfully, the toe cap smile is still there (I guess some things are sacred) and you can still get all of the original detailing on the Leather version. I just wanted to vent and put this out there in case any fellow Dandy’s had some insight into this… Thoughts?


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