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I stopped by J.Crew this weekend and was shocked to see they had gotten the original Jack Purcell’s in stock. When I had previously been there they only had the “remastered” versions. Imagine my surprise to see the original Jack Purcell’s I had been pining over staring me right in the face.

I went back and forth on whether or not to buy them since I basically already had a pair. But after taking a closer look, the differences that I talked about earlier were so much more apparent that they truly are two different shoes for the exact same price. So I bit the bullet and would now like to share a more in-depth comparison of the two Jack Purcell’s.

First obviously is the log tongue embroidery, but then there’s the quality of fabric which seems much slightly thicker.  The inner lining is much softer thanks to the extra suede band around the top and along the inside of the tongue. The metal tips on the laces are a nice touch and the laces themselves are a much higher quality. You can see the grommet placement makes more more sense above the soles rather than in them, and then there are the rubber labels on the heel. Notice the “remastered” version is merely printed, while the Originals are embossed on the leather. You can also see the difference between the sole lining: one being just plain canvas, and the other being blue suede which makes for a much more comfortable fit, especially when barefoot. Last but not least, the famous blue smile is recessed in the original, while the remix looks almost printed on.

Again, I’m frustrated that I was unable to find the original when I first bought a pair, however the first pair I bought are still extremely comfortable… I just feel like I bought a knockoff pair of classic sneakers which bugs me. So worst case scenario, now I have a “nice” pair of Purcell’s that won’t be for everyday use, and a extra pair for just kicking around in.

Moral of the story? Don’t settle for imitations. Stick with the originals and go for quality.


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Look how happy this guy is!

The wife and I decided early on that once we have kids, that will be the time to invest in a nice DSLR Camera. Of course, once we have said camera, I’m sure I will want a slew of straps to go along with my many Dandy outfits. This Camera Strap Necktie is currently at the top of my list. Made of black and white houndstooth with black nylon straps, it can support a camera as heavy as five pounds and adjusts to up to four feet long.


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