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GQ recently featured an article and online video showcasing the art of “Geezer Style” as they call it. I think they must have misspoken because it clearly looks rather Dandy than Geezer. Oh well, tomato/tomato I guess… Wait, that doesn’t work when you spell it out. Dammit.



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Herbie Mann: Push Push

Get yourself a bottle of Courvoisier, light some candles and get ready for some baby making once the needle hits the record! I picked up Herbie Mann’s Push Push at Record Theatre during lunch today and what a masterpiece! Naturally the first thing you notice is the cover art which is… something. But you must give a nod to the art direction of the album: with one  look, you know exactly what the record is about:

The music itself is an homage to sensuality. The album title and photographs accompanying the disc speak to Mann’s desire to create a soundtrack for lovemaking. He succeeds to some degree, but rather than coming off as a celebration of sensuality, the album feels more traditionally romantic, especially the ballads ‘If’ and ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’. 

I think it’s pretty obvious where this was inspired from…

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Linkson Jack Bespoke Boxes

With more and more Dandy’s delving into the world of Bespoke Tailoring, it was only a matter of time before men would want to apply the art of custom handmade items into other aspects of their lives. I myself have always had a difficult time keeping my vast collection of accessories in one handy place to accommodate my array of necklaces, bracelets, watches, cufflinks, etc. All while still looking refined and not just a jumbled mess of stuff in a box. The fine folks over at Linkson Jack from across the pond apparently had this problem as well and have devised a rather ingenious solution: Bespoke Boxes.


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