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Brinko Ties

A special treat this Bow Tie Friday featuring none other than the fabulous, drop dead gorgeous, notoriously camera shy Mrs. Dandy and one of her new favorite accessories courtesy of the fine folks at Brinko Ties. For her official endorsement, the wife had this to say about The Maria” Black Velvet Tie:

“I like that it’s already tied for me because I can never get them how they originally were right out of the box… The velvet material is perfect for the upcoming holiday party season and the broach is bad ass! Also, the crystal jewel button closure on the back is a delightful touch!”

I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth and Bethany, the creators of Brinko Ties, at the Vegas Project Show and was instantly drawn to their infectious smiles and care-free attitude that seemed to personify the very essence of bow tie wearers. I found their men’s collection to be equally impressive and while I would recommend the Professor Tweed Tie, their newest creations for Fall have plenty to offer the discerning gentleman. Full of nature-inspired textures and brilliant pops of color, Brinko Ties are truly a reprieve from the boring and traditional.




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