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Campfire Cologne

As I stated before, Fall has me yearning for the great outdoors… Camping under the stars in the mighty Adirondack’s with nothing but the sound of a crackling fire to lull me to sleep. Unfortunately, I work full time and hate camping (unless it involves an apartment-sized tent, air mattress and access to a bathroom/shower). Plus I’m pretty sure I would end up get mauled to death by a mountain lion. I do, however, love the smell of a good campfire. Thusly, I think I’ve found my new Fall scent. Introducing Campfire Cologne. Comprised of sticks of cedar, oak and birch chips, simply used the supplied book of matches to light up a piece and waft in it’s enticing aroma. If this isn’t one of the greatest ideas ever, I don’t know what is. Respect the beard.



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This Tuesday evening Buffalo Fashion Week hosted their 3rd show at the luxurious Mansion on Delaware. The lower level of the Mansion featured a boutique expo with several of Buffalo’s top retailers while the runway show featured local boutiques Modern Nostalgia, Leelee and Anna Grace. Before the show, a personal styling seminar hosted by Kimberly Barker took place with a Q&A as well as some audience makeovers.

The wife combed through the countless runway photos and selected her favorites from the show, while I selected my favorite outfits worn by the dapper gents in attendance. A special thanks to KC You There and Buffalo Fashion Week crew for putting on yet another stellar show! Can’t wait for the main event this Thursday at the Statler.


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