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There are only two hours left to purchase tickets for this years Cause for Mass Appeal Show, taking place this Saturday at The Church at Evergreen.

The show brings together Buffalo’s top designers, artists and performers. Showcasing a grand church venue, the highest level of artistic production, and exclusive pre- and post-event parties, C4MA is guaranteed to astound. Proceeds benefit the Elmwood Village Association and Evergreen Health Services.

Sadly, I will be filling my gullet with meat and hearty ale at Man’s Night VI, so I will be unable to attend. Every year, it seems, something keeps me from attending this show which is a bummer because from what I hear it’s always a fantastic show and one of the most talked about  fashion events in Buffalo. C’est la Vie, I suppose. Still, from what I hear on Facebook and the interwebs, this is an event not to be missed so get your tickets while you can!


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