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1:Face Watch

If you didn’t already know, Buffalo Dandy is a bit of a watch freak. While luxury watches are all well and good, rarely do said timepieces do anything to make the world a better place. The 1:Face Watch is looking to change all that.

With a high-grade silicone band and mirrored face, the time is displayed with white intensity LED lights. Each of the 6 available colorways represent a different cause and has a particular metric tied to it. When you buy a watch, this metric is carried out by our supporting charities, placing the power of change in your hands.

For example, when you buy 1 white watch, our supporting charity One Day’s Wages provides food supplements to 16 children in the Horn of Africa.

With the holidays coming up, this would be a stellar double gift for someone who not only wants to look good, but do good as well.



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