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Above are the selected entries for our J.J.Threads Shirt design contest. Vote on your favorite design below to select the winner!

Increase your chances of winning by mentioning the contest on Twitter or Facebook with the following message:

I just designed my own custom shirt courtesy of @jjthreads and @BuffaloDandy. Vote for my design here:


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After dropping my Uncle off at JFK, visiting Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree and checking out my brother’s new NYC apartment digs, we ventured through Midtown to seek out the Dandy mecca known as The Fine & Dandy. Braving the oncoming Winter storm, we walked in and were greeted by the shops owner, Matt who showed us around the store and shared some Dandy anecdotes with the wife and I.

Starting as an online shop, Fine and Dandy has only recently opened a showroom store with amazing success. The store is warm and inviting, with scents of amber candles in the air, and vintage French records playing in the background. Part still-life, part haberdashery the store offers every Dandy accessory you could ever need from neckwear, tie clips, hats, suspenders, spats, books, scarfs… it goes on and on.

Sadly we couldn’t stay and hang out in the store as long as I would have liked, but the weather was taking a turn for the worst so we had to be on our way. One six hour drive back to Albany later (curse you mother nature) we stumbled into my sisters house at 2 in the morning and went straight to bed, with visions of velvet bow ties dancing in our heads.

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Happy Holidays!



Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday Season from Buffalo Dandy!

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In honor of our 500th post here on Buffalo Dandy, we are holding an unparalleled giveaway contest! Custom shirt maker J.J.Threads has been gracious enough to offer (1) Free Shirt to whomever creates the Dandiest looking design on their website.

The rules are simple:

  • Design your own shirt on
  • Email your design to
  • After one week, we will post the submissions here on the blog where you can vote for your favorite design.
  • Whomever receives the most votes wins!

Increase your chances of winning by mentioning the contest on Twitter or Facebook with the following message:

I just designed my own custom shirt courtesy of @jjthreads and @BuffaloDandy. Vote for my design here:

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Classic Eggnog Recipe


With Holiday parties now in full swing, fellow Dandy and Man’s Night connoisseur, Mr. Pentheros, shared with me his favorite recipe for the classic beverage of choice: Eggnog.

  • 1 8oz Glass of Eggnog
  • 1 Shot Irish Whiskey
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Dash of cloves.

There are, of course, other options available if you feel like cheating a little bit like this delightful pre-made version by Pennsylvania Dutch. Naturally, extra points are given if you drink it out of a Moose Mug.

What are some of your favorite eggnog recipes?

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Ok Ladies. It’s getting down to the wire this holiday season, but don’t worry there’s still a little more time left to get that perfect gift. Above is a selection of several Manly/Dandy items for any gentleman on your shopping list.

Nautica Overcoat – Overcoats are always a huge holiday trend and lately they been getting a slimmer cut like this one from Nautica. The charcoal colorway is sure to go with any outfit, and the notched lapels give the jacket a great polished look. $110

Howes & Baum Brixton Hoodie – The holidays are a great time to relax and the Brixton Hoodie from Howes & Baum is perfect for doing just that. I’ve actually had a difficult time finding a hoodie I like as much as this one. The French terry cotton gives it a nice texture and I love the double crossed axes on the left chest. Comfort and rugged manliness all in one. $175

Dress The Man – He may dress well, but does your man know why certain fabrics go together, or the origin of some of his favorite wardrobe pieces? This elegantly written book by famed man of style, Alan Flusser outlines step-by-step instructions on how to dress well and live stylishly without looking like you’re trying too hard. $50

TheTieBar Knit Tie – provides a seemingly endless supply of ties for the man in your life. A favorite of mine are the knit ties, especially this Kelly Green option which not only evokes the holiday spirit, but is also very handsomely priced. $15

Walnut Wood Tie Bar – You’re going to need something to keep that Knit Tie firmly attached to his shirt and keep it from getting too unruly. Why not use something unique like this Walnut Tie Bar? Finished with natural oil and liquid wax to give it a low luster shine. $27

Alexander Olch Velvet Bow Tie – Bow Ties are always welcome at holiday parties, and the fabric of choice around this time of year is velvet. This olive colored diamond tip bow tie is the perfect mix of dress and casual. $77

Duke Ellington: Live at Newport – Perhaps the man in your life has begun exploring the wonderful world of Jazz Music and if he’s lucky/cursed has also begun expanding his vinyl collection. Add a “must own” album to his collection with Duke Ellington Live at Newport which is widely regarded as one of the best jazz albums ever recorded. $25

Baladeo “Terroir” Pocket Knife – One of the things I’ve been noticed about being a man is it’s never a bad idea to have a pocket knife on you. I prefer ones with a bit more character to them like this one from Baladeo. Originally designed in Northern France, the rosewood handle and vintage simplicity makes this pocket knife the perfect manly accessory. $19

Allen Edmonds x Ball & Buck Double Monk Straps – This is a selfish one… I still want these shoes. I can’t help it. I know they’re expensive, but these double monks are just fantastic and any gentleman would be proud to place them upon his feet like some kind of manly Cinderella. $448

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Had the privilege of meeting Mr. Sultan outside Spot Coffee this afternoon who was looking rather Dandy indeed. Check out some of his spoken word poetry here.

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Dandy Endorsed: J.J.Threads


After reading about my Made To Measure Shirt from Shanghai, J.J Threads founder and Baltimore native Mr. Wich contacted me asking if I would like to try out one of their custom made shirts. After checking out their website, I jumped at the chance.

I really liked the overall design of the site, but J.J.Threads boasts several unique features which set it apart from other online shirt makers. One of the main things Mr. Wich noticed upon moving the Hong Kong was while there were several made to measure shirt tailors, few offered the high-end fabric and unique range of colors he was looking for. That is how the website got its start. J.J. Threads sources fabrics from some of the best mills in the world, including Thomas Mason, Liberty of London, Somelos, Monti and Albini. They have even collaborated with a Baltimore artist who designed some original J.J. Threads prints made in the U.S.A. Such an impressive collection of designer fabrics had me immediately hooked.

Another unique aspect of J.J.Threads is their “Social Shopping” feature, which allows users to follow each other, see what designs are trending, and be rewarded for their design-creativity. It’s kind of like Facebook for shirt designs. After checking out some of the competition and getting some initial ideas, I got to work creating my very own J.J.Threads Buffalo Dandy shirt.


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I just got these shoes. They have leather soles and I’m wondering if I should get heel taps or anything to protect the soles. Any advice?


Thanks for writing, Cory. Heel taps are a great way to prolong the life of your shoes, especially if you’re planning on wearing them a lot. Naturally, if you spend any amount of money on new shoes you want them to last as long as possible. Most cobblers only charge a few dollars to apply them, which is significantly cheaper than having your entire shoe resoled which could cost upwards of $50 or more. I would also suggest getting rubber taps as opposed to the traditional metal ones which can be quite noisy and potentially ruin wood floors.

Thanks again for writing, Cory. Keep reading and as always, stay Dandy.


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The Whiskey Room


With yet another delightful trip to Vermont in the books, I could not help but write about one of our favorite parts of the trip: the discovery of The Whiskey Room in Burlington. A new addition to the Vermont bar scene, The Whiskey Room is actually attached to Ri Ra’s Irish Pub. Continuing Ri Ra’s dark wood interior and traditional Irish Pub feel, their main windows double as display cases for their product and collected whiskey artifacts. The dimly lit feel of the bar is “cozified” if you will with their festively decorated fireplace and the soft glow of their impressive main bar. However, don’t be fooled by the name… The Whiskey Room also offers various other libations like a Champagne Cocktail which was quite popular with the ladies and a fantastic draft selection including (to our delight) Southern Tier’s 2XMas!

We were so enamored with The Whiskey Room, we went back not twice, but three separate times in a 24 hour period (the wife was real sport…she’s a catch, what can I say). We sampled several scotches out of their vast library which was housed in a handsome wood binder that outlined the history of each region and an included in-depth description of each whiskey. Not your standard college bar, the adult atmosphere will surely entice customers to come in, relax and most importantly, learn more about scotch.

A bit of a trip from Buffalo, but if you are ever in Vermont, I highly recommend visiting The Whiskey Room. In the meantime, check out their facebook page and their fantastic “Whiskey of the Day” feature. Cheers!

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