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The Whiskey Room


With yet another delightful trip to Vermont in the books, I could not help but write about one of our favorite parts of the trip: the discovery of The Whiskey Room in Burlington. A new addition to the Vermont bar scene, The Whiskey Room is actually attached to Ri Ra’s Irish Pub. Continuing Ri Ra’s dark wood interior and traditional Irish Pub feel, their main windows double as display cases for their product and collected whiskey artifacts. The dimly lit feel of the bar is “cozified” if you will with their festively decorated fireplace and the soft glow of their impressive main bar. However, don’t be fooled by the name… The Whiskey Room also offers various other libations like a Champagne Cocktail which was quite popular with the ladies and a fantastic draft selection including (to our delight) Southern Tier’s 2XMas!

We were so enamored with The Whiskey Room, we went back not twice, but three separate times in a 24 hour period (the wife was real sport…she’s a catch, what can I say). We sampled several scotches out of their vast library which was housed in a handsome wood binder that outlined the history of each region and an included in-depth description of each whiskey. Not your standard college bar, the adult atmosphere will surely entice customers to come in, relax and most importantly, learn more about scotch.

A bit of a trip from Buffalo, but if you are ever in Vermont, I highly recommend visiting The Whiskey Room. In the meantime, check out their facebook page and their fantastic “Whiskey of the Day” feature. Cheers!

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