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Dandy Endorsed: J.J.Threads


After reading about my Made To Measure Shirt from Shanghai, J.J Threads founder and Baltimore native Mr. Wich contacted me asking if I would like to try out one of their custom made shirts. After checking out their website, I jumped at the chance.

I really liked the overall design of the site, but J.J.Threads boasts several unique features which set it apart from other online shirt makers. One of the main things Mr. Wich noticed upon moving the Hong Kong was while there were several made to measure shirt tailors, few offered the high-end fabric and unique range of colors he was looking for. That is how the website got its start. J.J. Threads sources fabrics from some of the best mills in the world, including Thomas Mason, Liberty of London, Somelos, Monti and Albini. They have even collaborated with a Baltimore artist who designed some original J.J. Threads prints made in the U.S.A. Such an impressive collection of designer fabrics had me immediately hooked.

Another unique aspect of J.J.Threads is their “Social Shopping” feature, which allows users to follow each other, see what designs are trending, and be rewarded for their design-creativity. It’s kind of like Facebook for shirt designs. After checking out some of the competition and getting some initial ideas, I got to work creating my very own J.J.Threads Buffalo Dandy shirt.



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