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New Albion Ale


Sam Adams pays homage to craft brewing before it was “a thing” by partnering with retired Navy vet Jack McAuliffe and re-releasing his New Albion Ale more than 30 years after it’s creation.

Attempting to replicate ales he had sampled during tours of Scotland and Europe, McAuliffe crafted his own beer called “New Albion Ale” in reference to Sir Francis Drake. Drake named what is now Northern California (where the beer was created) “Nova Albion” after exploring/claiming it for England in the late 1500’s. Production had to halt back in 80’s due to lack of funds, but Sam Adams recreated McAuliffe’s New Albion Ale from his original recipe, right down to the label which features Drake’s ship The Golden Hinde departing San Francisco Bay.

Brewed exclusively with American Cascade hops, Albion Ale is recognized by beer experts as the original American Craft Beer. The initial pallet is very crisp and clean with a few subtle notes of citrus, pine and dough. The flavor, however, quickly falls short when compared to other Pale Ales like Southern Tier or Ellicottville Brewing Co.

Chalk this one up to being a sucker for packaging, at least the beer has an interesting history and it’s nice to see larger breweries trying something different and paying homage to their roots. Check out the video below by Sam Adams for more.



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MWC Divers Watch


Yet another nice find by, this Divers Watch from Military Watch Company is the perfect timepiece for those of us wanting the Rolex Submariner look, but are unwilling to drop the coin (or Quan if you’re Cuba Gooding, Jr.) on one. I really like how the watch looks, but I can’t decide if the simplified logo makes it look like a knock-off and if you would just be better off getting something more ubiquitous like a Seiko. Four-Pins points out: “…watch geeks claim MWC isn’t an actual military supplier and that they’re just full of shit, but whatever, man. At prices well below $300, integrity is a non-factor and worth the gamble if you’re broke and your blog sucks.” Wait, is he talking about me? Goddammit.


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One of the things I’ve been longing for is a pair of colored-soled shoes. Often times, however, such a simple thing as making the sole a different color jacks the price up to at least the $200+ range and with a baby on the way… well, let’s just say the wife would be less than pleased if that’s what I was spending my money on. That is until these new Sperry Top-Sider Boat Oxfords came along for the incredible price of $100! Everything I’ve wanted in a shoe since they came out with the blue soled boat shoes last year that quickly sold out, these beauties have sky rocked to the top of my birthday wish-list (yeah it’s a month away, what of it?!)

A word of advice: Reviews say the shoes run large so you may want to size down about a 1/2 size.


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Using a blend of natural and technologically advanced fabrics, Indochino’s new Nanotech Storm Suit repels liquids,stains, and resist odors and wrinkles without compromising the breathability, or comfort of your garment. While this protective technology is transparent to the eye and indistinguishable to the touch, you will unquestionably notice a difference when it comes to the care and longevity of your suit.


Operate your smartphone from inside your jacket with the touch responsive Smart Pocket. Technologically tested, waterproof and dry-clean friendly, this pocket comes with a metal earphone cable clip and rubber earphone hole so you can stay organized, untangled and hands free.

Lastly, an elite apparel solution that works with you and against the elements; the detachable Storm Flap is a stylish way to protect your neck and chest from cold weather. Filled with White Duck’s Down for its superior ability to insulate and trap your natural body heat, this lightweight accessory easily buttons into the inside of your jacket and will keep you warm without any bulk.


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Online shop 5-Knots is being graceful enough to extend another discount to Buffalo Dandy readers. Enter code “TIEONEON” to receive 15% off your entire purchase from this month’s collection. Offer expires 1/27/13.

One of my favorites from their current collection is this Mustard Bow Tie from Hank’s Haberdashery. The company launched just a few months ago with a collection of handmade bow ties, each carefully constructed with a mix of new and vintage fabrics. Each design is hand-cut and crafted in Seattle, Washington, using only natural fibers.


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So, the last few nights I’ve been having this need to stop by a particle Salvation Army on my way home. It was just a feeling I had, like I was being drawn to it. I finally stopped in last night and Sweet Jesus! What a score! Not one, not two, but three Harris Tweed blazers! I’ve been searching for at least one for quite a while now, and to find three blazers (in my size no less) I had to buy them… God, the wife is gonna kill me.

I was surprised at how well they fit, although a good dry cleaning and an alteration here or there couldn’t hurt. The shoulder padding was minimal on all of them which I loved, and I was amazed at how slim the sleeves fit. The Cesarani was particularly nice with some added details like a back vent button, but the gray Stanley Blacker I think is my favorite. I’ve already worn it out in the frigid temperatures and for as thin as the jacket is, it’s incredibly warm. The Klienhans comes in as a close second because of the Buffalo history attached to it, but out of all them, it fit the biggest. More around a 40 than a 38, which I prefer. I love the coloring and if any of these got a trip to the tailor it would be this one.

Most amazing, however, is that all of three of these gems came to a grand  total of… wait for it… $16. Best. Thift. Ever.






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Frank & Oak


One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was this Griffin Shirt from Frank & Oak. If you haven’t heard of the company yet, I highly recommend checking them out.

Every month, the Montreal-based Frank & Oak creates a limited collection of premium wardrobe staples for under $50. Items range from tees, shirts, pants, ties, accessories and their latest addition: blazers (which are priced at the $85-$95 range). Frank & Oak regularly features a fantastic selection of fabric choices which pay homage to the classic workwear aesthetic, providing something for everyone. Popular items may get re-released from time to time, but if you see something you like, I suggest you buy it. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone.


The fit of this shirt is incredible. The body and sleeves are perfectly cut, giving the shirt a much sleeker, tailored look than I have never seen in a flannel. The armholes are nice and high so the sleeves don’t billow like most flannels, and the smaller collar is a nice update to the classic shirt which usually features a button collar. It looks just as good with a tie as it does unbuttoned. I’ve washed the shirt a few times since the holidays, each time being overly cautious that it doesn’t end up in the dryer and shrink. Most of their other shirts, however, are pre-washed. So this shouldn’t be a problem for other fabrics. The only complaint I have is this thing is a stuff magnet. Every bit of dust, hair or lighter pilling fabric it touches ends up on the flannel. I’ll chalk this up to the fabric color and material, but it’s nothing a lint brush can’t cure.

Lastly, another great feature Frank & Oak offers is their Hunt Club Program. Upon joining, 3 items based on your  style preferences are sent to your home to try for free. Whatever you want, you buy. Whatever you don’t gets sent back free of charge. You also gain access to exclusive products and 10% credited back to your account for every purchase made. If you don’t happen to see anything you like on a certain month, you can skip that month’s delivery free of charge. Affordable, impeccably designed wardrobe staples delivered to your home, every month for free… Why would’t you join?!

buildlook1 buildlook2 buildlook3

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This has nothing to do with bow ties, but it’s such a fantastic idea I just had to share. SKINNYFATTIES is a new Brooklyn-based tailoring service which takes your outdated fat ties and re-sews them into trendier, skinny ties. With most new neckties costing anywhere from $40-$90, SKINNYFATTIES offers this service for only $30. Considering most second-hand stores charge about $1 for an old tie, this is the perfect solution after finding those Goodwill gems you can’t quite rock because they’re just too obnoxiously wide. Or if you’re just tight on cash and want a slick looking tie.

After mailing in your cravat, SKINNYFATTIES will reshape and restitch your tie, adjust the loop labels, iron them, roll them into metal tins to prevent creasing and reship them FREE within a week of receiving said tie.

To sweeten the deal even further, for each tie purchased and every tie tailored, a $1 donation is made to Career Gear, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps men transition into the workforce.


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Batch 19 Lager


Call me a slave to package design, but I couldn’t help but be intrigued when I saw Batch 19 “Pre-Prohibition Style Lager” in the store. Bottled by Coors, I thought the marketing behind the product was extremely well done and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. There is definitely that initial Coors flavor, but the unique combination of Herbsucker (herbal notes) and Strisslespalt (black currant) hops create a pleasantly bold and smooth aftertaste. Whether or not this is actually what beer tasted like back in the early 1900’s is debatable, but it’s still an interesting idea.

In 1919, beer was banned. Barrels were broken. Breweries went belly up. Drinking a beer became an act of protest against those in power. Each toast was a citizen’s demand to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. When beer became legal again 14 years later, it was never the same. That is, until a few years ago when we discovered an old beer recipe in the basement archives of the brewery dating back before Prohibition. Batch 19™ is inspired by the last batches of beer brewed before 1919.

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One of my favorite blogs,, recently posted a hilarious article about Seinfeld’s Greatest Fashion Moments. To say it is a “must read” is an understatement…

It’s rare that a sitcom resonates in the popular culture 15 years after its final episode—yeah, kids born after the show ended are now 15 and way cooler than you—but with ’90s trends ebbing in and out of fashion over the past few years, Seinfeldian style is more relevant than your favorite celebrity stylist. Others have written about Jerry’s sneaker game and even George’s steady prep conventions, but Elaine’s gear could be straight out of a Vice editorial and your favorite Japanese designer is already crafting his Spring/Summer 2015 collection around Kramer’s funemployed lifestyle.


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