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Straight out of Pitti Uomo comes another trend that’s been gaining quite a bit of momentum: Pocket Gloves, or the art placing one’s gloves in the chest pocket.

What seems like an effortless bit of sartorialism can actually be somewhat difficult to pull off correctly. Here in the States, many of our gloves tend to be on the thicker side, and placing them in ones chest pocket doesn’t quite create the desired look. Leather Driving Gloves seem yield the best result, with the thinner, unstructured nature of the gloves closely mimicking an outward facing pocket square. If you happen to get your hands on a pair with an interesting color, even better. As with the pocket square, one can either uninhibitedly place the gloves in the pocket, or fuss with each finger until they look just right. A heavier weight coat is often preferred for this as it will help hide some of the bulk. Lastly, finish the look off by placing your glasses in the pocket to create a vertical path for your eye to follow. Just hope that it’s not too sunny or cold outside, so you won’t be tempted to undo your masterpiece…



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Wooden Bow Ties


I’ve been having a lot of people writing me about the Two Guys Bow Tie Company and their Wooden Bow Ties that have been blowing up the interwebs. I tend to usually shy away from pre-tied options, however, I don’t think these really count.

The bow ties are made of the finest, hard to find wood, premium fabrics and leather straps. What I like about these which definitely set them apart are the embossed patterns on the wood which mimic various tie fabrics. Combined with the natural grain of the wood, the overall effect is very handsome and makes it look even more like real bow tie. The sizing appears to be spot on; not too big, not too small. If you’re looking for something different for your upcoming wedding, custom made options are also available.


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